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With interesting contributions from the world of online games and web comics is a brand new website for fans of Batman and the fascinating characters of the city of Gotham. Bruce, the creator of this website, shares his name with his favorite comic book character Bruce Wayne aka Batman. Growing up, Bruce watched many shows, played a million online games, watched several shows and films in this genre. It pays tribute to the modern media era when things were accessible with just a click of a button. This website is a product of his passion for this iconic comic book character and everyone associated with this character. However, this site isn’t entirely dedicated to the Gotham hero, but to other Marvel heroes from the world of DC Comics. This place offers the best information, posts and news snippets for comic book lovers.

The latest post is about why comic and gaming merchandise is so lucrative. Gambling is a multi-billion dollar industry and the merchandise associated with comic book characters is a major contributor. The collector market has seen an exponential increase in sales thanks to the many Comic-Con events helping around the world. No matter how digital it may get, there’s still a demand for real comics in real books. Its popularity has increased far and wide, not only among the youth and adult population, but among the younger ones as well. Much of the goods are marketed specifically for the younger demographic.

Action Figures, Trading Cards, Computer & Phone Accessories, Toys, Gadgets, Home Decor, Mugs, Bags, Clothing, etc. are just a few. The future for comics and gaming merchandise looks bright as major retailers partner with creative individuals and companies to create and design unique products. The blog post also talks about how to start a comic and gaming merchandise. It offers useful tips like using online forums to promote the goods. A lot of research and time is put into these posts, and Bruce tries to offer readers something new from the world of games and comics.

One of the popular posts on this site about the best eSports players of 2021 takes visitors through the journey of eSports and what the future holds for them. Bruce compiles a list of the top esports players from around the world, starting with Lee “Faker” Sang Hyeok, Tristan Nowicky, and James Giezen. Through this website, Bruce wants to create a forum and community for gaming nerds and other comic book lovers. The Light the Signal – The Bat Beacon is one such attempt at expanding the network. Interested people can fill out a simple online form and send a message stating their intent, whether it’s a game or a business venture.

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About Gotham2Go

Gotham2Go was created by Bruce Taylor, a Batman fanatic and marketing pro. This website was created to create a community for other enthusiasts. Despite being named after Gotham, the site also has information about other games and comic platforms.




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