Assist Marketing is expanding its range of services to support brand ambassadors

Businesses can now hire the right promotional brand ambassadors for their brands or products. Matching ambassadors for the brands they need, leveraging their years of industry experience.

Assist Marketing is one of the leading event staffing agencies offering various services aimed at businesses of all types. The newest service in the goodie bag for companies are sales-promoting brand ambassadors. The nationwide Agency for event staff will find the right ambassador for the brand that needs him. According to the company, industry experience is one of the main reasons why the company is best placed to find the right match.

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While there are other experimental top marketing agencies offering similar services, Assist Marketing’s approach is not experimental. As one of the top event staffing companies in the country and with the best event staffing software available, finding the right partner isn’t too difficult. Also, being a nationwide events staffing agency, they have a much broader pool of talent to draw from compared to more local and smaller agencies.

Brands and businesses know how important it is to have the right person represent the company. However, many brands are wary of who that person is, as the wrong choice can have disastrous consequences. Assist Marketing is considered one of the leading brand ambassador Company based in the USA and has a team of experienced individuals in their talent pool who have proven they have what it takes to advance any brand or product. That’s why the company is trusted by some of the country’s leading brands.

Assist Marketing is expanding its range of services to support brand ambassadors

Readers can learn more about Assist Marketing’s brand ambassador service by visiting the company’s official website at

“The right brand ambassador can do a lot of good for your brand. Over the years we have matched brand ambassadors with brands with excellent results. Our team draws from a large pool of talented individuals from across the country. We also use the latest software which helps us shortlist the right people for the job. However, despite the experience, we are extra cautious because we want to know as much about the person we choose as we do about the brand we choose them for. Luckily, we guarantee results, which is why Assist Marketing is the company of choice for brands that know the value of the right brand ambassadors.” Said a representative from Assist Marketing.

she added “Whereas brand ambassadors were once only intended for large companies, that is no longer the case. Almost every company can benefit from a brand ambassador. It raises the company’s profile and gives it the credibility needed to attract its target audience. It’s another reason why brands should rely on experts like us to select an individual who accurately reflects what they stand for to communicate the right message.”

About Assist Marketing

Based in Chicago support marketing is one of the well-known event staffing agencies that mainly focuses on the needs of the client. The company has built quite a sizable footprint over the years, largely by focusing on helping businesses communicate in real-time rather than solely relying on the use of technology. Companies that work with Assist Marketing also have the benefit of a large talent pool and that they employ some of the most brilliant people. Because of this, companies using the company are able to gain insights that might not otherwise be possible, making Assist Marketing the first port of call for events staff nationwide.



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