Big Acrylic launches a collection of stunning acrylic prints

Customizable options that reflect people’s visions and add to the aesthetics of their interiors

BigAcrylic, known for its professional-quality photos printed on acrylic glass, metal, etc., has launched a collection of acrylic prints that reflect people’s vision for their interiors down to the smallest detail.

Owned by Mark Alper, the company has grown into a place that owners and commercial property owners trust for brilliant products Acrylic Wall Art, which is trending today. The company also offers high-quality photo printing on other materials such as metal and backlit fabric. Its modern solutions have already made a name for themselves with customers who have their personalized photos printed for their homes and offices.

And now, with their range of acrylic prints, Big Acrylic has made sure that customers can find a wide range of options to suit their tastes. After all, people’s homes and offices are an intimate reflection of their sense of aesthetics, style and also overall personality. By offering them customizable options, the company has ensured that these photographs, which are no less than works of art, become their personal statement.

Large Acrylic

Those looking for the unique photos on glass that reflect their tastes don’t need to look beyond the collection you’ll find here. These glass photographs can easily become the focal point of any room in your home or office. In addition to many eclectic prints exquisitely captured, the company also assures customers of the quality of the artworks. The images are printed directly onto glass using a flatbed printer.

It is this technique that sets the artwork apart from ordinary laminated photos or pictures simply framed in acrylic. Remember that acrylic is a lightweight and shatterproof alternative to glass. That’s why it’s not only easier to ship worldwide, but also easy to install. Additionally, it has the same smoothness and transparency as glass, which has made it a popular choice.

Big Acrylic offers other valuable information about its range glass paintings Helping people make the best decisions based on their needs. For example, the thickness of the acrylic sheet ranges from 1/8 to 3/8 inch. 1/8″ options are the most popular choices, while other dimensions have the panels smoothed on the edges. It ensures that the image spreads out to the edges and creates a nice translucent effect.

Those interested in acrylic photography may also benefit from information on different presentation positions and how they enhance the look of the artwork. To keep things transparent and help customers make informed decisions, Big Acrylic has also offered a pricing table. Interested customers can compare prices between different sizes and hanging positions before deciding on prints that also suit their taste and budget.

About Big Acryl

Large Acrylic has become the go-to place for people who want to decorate their homes and offices with professional, high-quality backlit photographs on acrylic glass, metal and fabric.


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