Bounce Houses R Us expands inventory with fun bouncy castles and rentals for corporate events

Catering for company picnics, product launches, success events and more with high quality combo bouncy castles, water slides etc.

Bounce Houses R Us is pleased to announce that they have expanded their inventory to include fun bouncy castles, water slides, Station wagon bouncerand exclusive Rental of corporate events for the summer of 2021. The Chicago bouncy castles with slide rentals are very popular here, as they provide additional fun with interesting elements such as slides, climbing walls and small obstacles. The company uses only licensed and tested equipment. Customers can rest assured that all thematic combinations are licensed for commercial use and can be photographed and shared with friends and family via social media without worrying about copyright infringement.

These bouncy castles are perfect for children aged 2 to 12 and are great for adults too. Age ratings are for child safety, but the bouncy castles are equipped to handle the adult fun factor too. However, since they are designed for children, the fun is limited to that age group as well. Corporate event rentals also consist of other adult bouncy castle combinations such as obstacle courses, extreme attractions, carnival games, dunk tanks, rock walls and other interactive games. All bouncy castles and water slides are made from high quality vinyl which means they are safe for children.

Bouncy castles R US

The wet combo bouncy castles in Chicago offer attractive bouncy castles with exciting features such as bouncy surfaces, water slides, climbing walls, pop-up obstacles, basketball hoops and also pools. There’s no better way to beat the heat this summer than with these wet bouncy castles. The company carries a huge range of wet combos that are also in variety of themes. The bouncy castles are made of lead-free materials and are built with safety in mind. Customers can rest assured that their children and guests are playing on the safest and best equipment.

The corporate event rentals also have interesting items like the trackless trains that are perfect for toddlers and younger children. And then there are interactive games like bungee games, wrecking balls, rock climbing, light games, hungry hippo chow down and more. Most interactive games are 2-4 player games and are designed to test players’ skill, agility and physical endurance. These games fully qualify for team building activities at corporate events. The company also offers large group entertainment devices that are perfect for kids, teens, and adults. Customers may also want to rent tents, tables and chairs to make the whole organization hassle-free.

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Bouncy Castles R Us is a party rental company serving all of Chicago and more than 32 of the city’s suburbs. They offer a wide variety of bouncy castles, corporate events, church events, water slides, obstacle courses, concession machines and much more.



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