Bounce Houses R Us introduces a collection of popular party obstacle courses

Offering a fun option to ensure the fun doesn’t stop this fall

Bounce Houses R Us has launched a collection of obstacle courses that have gained popularity this fall as the most popular option for fun parties.

Bounce Houses R Us has been the trusted name among families, schools and communities in the area for some time. It has also offered party solutions for corporate events that have made a name for themselves. The secret of the success of the bouncy castles and other party rental solutions that the company offers lies in its constant pursuit of the best quality. In fact, the constant controls of the safety and quality standards of the inventory ensure that customers have peace of mind.

Bounce Houses R Us introduces obstacle courses for parties

The fully insured and licensed company also works with reliable and well-trained team members. They are friendly and offer their customers services tailored to their specific needs. As now, with the start of the fall season, people will be looking for unique solutions to keep the party spirit going. Bounce Houses R Us understands their requirements and has upped their game with a brilliant collection of Obstacle courses in Chicago that reach the customers.

Quite simply, they are interactive games that add an extra dose of fun to the party. These courses are designed for both multiplayer interactions and competitions. From crawling through obstacles to climbing walls; There is a wide range of options that people can choose from based on their interests. Bouncy Castles R Us ensures that whatever options people choose hit the right spot with them.

There are inflatable games and then there are these courses that bring out the best in all players. Because of this, they are ideal for indoor parties, park districts, large outdoor gatherings, schools, church and corporate events. Their popularity has certainly grown tremendously this fall season, and with some of these smart options at Bounce Houses R Us, people can ensure their party is one to remember for a long time to come.

  • 45′ Atomic Rush Obstacle Course is a fun option that can be rented for $495.00.

  • Atomic Rush 3-Piece Inflatable Obstacle Course is another exciting $995.00 option.

  • Push the limits with the 68′ Nuclear Vertical Rush Obstacle Course, available to rent for $895.00.

  • The 180 Nuclear offers instant thrills for $225.00 and the 40 foot obstacle course is $425.00.

  • Kids love the inflatable circus obstacle course, which rents for $245.00, and the zombie maze, which rents for $695.00.

As well as the hugely popular obstacle courses, Bounce Houses R Us also offers a wide range of useful party rentals including popcorn makers, cotton candy machines, chairs, tables and more. Because of this, it has become the one-stop destination for everyone who loves throwing a memorable party for everyone.

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