Buckbee Weed Company opens dispensary in Rockford, Illinois

Buckbee Weed Company opens dispensary to help customers find options in an emerging market.

The Buckbee Weed Company opened its dispensary on April 20 to help customers find different options in an emerging market.

Buckbee Weed Company prides itself on providing high quality, natural and organic products to individuals in the marketplace who need to use these products for specific health needs and relief through online sales and retail partners. Their goal is to help customers stop having inconveniences by providing a comprehensive online platform that not only provides information about these products but also provides the highest quality options.

Now the Buckbee Weed Company has gone a step further and opened their first branded retail pharmacy, where customers can physically walk through a store to purchase products and find exactly what they need. Located at 1018 S. Main St, Rockford, Illinois, the pharmacy hopes to be the one-stop solution for all customers, who can browse through a wide range of products and get recommendations from trained staff to make the best choices for themselves hold true.

“Whether it’s the online store or the pharmacy, you can be assured that our company’s products are all organic and made without chemicals and pesticides,” says John Murray, founder of the Buckbee Weed Company. “We offer only organically grown produce made from natural, food-grade ingredients at our cultivation and manufacturing facility here in Rockford, which allows us to maintain the product quality our customers demand.”

Every product found in the store and pharmacy must be tested by independent bodies. That’s how it is done Buckbee Weed Company can be assured of the purity and potency of every single product it stocks for its customers. It has built a loyal customer base through the quality of its locally sourced, fully organic produce.

The founders of Buckbee Weed Company know and trust the suppliers and growers personally, creating an ecosystem of people who are equally invested and driven by their commitment to organic quality.

The company offers a wide range of products in various forms, including edible products such as cookies, candies, vegan softgels and tinctures, smokable products such as dabs, flower, pre-rolls, vapes and water-soluble beverage enhancers. While most of the Company’s retail partners offer a limited selection, all of Buckbee Weed Company’s products are available at their newly opened dispensary.

About Buckbee Weed Co.

The online store and new pharmacy are known for their organically grown products, made from organic, natural, food-grade nutrients that meet customer expectations.


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Phone: (815)-797-9050

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