Campad Electronics updates the product catalog with new phone cases, chargers and accessories

Store also plans to add a full range of cases for the Galaxy Z Flip3 and Z Fold3

Campad Electronics updates the product catalog with new phone cases, chargers and accessories. The company’s spokesperson also added that they plan to launch a full range of cases for the Galaxy Z Flip3 and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 for the upcoming holiday season. These Samsung phone cases and Samsung phone chargers make great gifts and come in the latest styles and versions at attractive prices. Shopping here at Campad means getting great value for money. The store takes great care to carefully curate its product list by brand, quality, variety, and pricing. Because of this, they are seeing steady growth in their loyal customer base with each passing year.

Campad Electronics – Samsung Cell Phone Accessories

Campad Electronics prides itself on its full range of products, ranging from phone cases and covers to tablet accessories for all types of makes and models Samsung phonesOppo phones, Apple iPhones, iPads, car kits, mounts, antennas, wireless chargers, Bluetooth Headphones, Mobile Broadband Antennas, Speakers, AirPods, OtterBox Cases, Memory Cards, LifeProof Cases and many others. Their extensive range of phone accessories keeps customers satisfied and offers more choices than any other. And because they’re exclusive retailers of smartphone accessories, customers can rest assured they’re getting the latest and trendiest items in the industry.

Besides exclusive Samsung phone cases, the store also offers chargers and accessories, screen protectors, USB cables, main chargers, patch cords, memory cards, car chargers and more. The items are listed by the make and model of the phone. Currently on the list are the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G phone cases, chargers and accessories. For this model there are both thin cases and tough and sturdy cases and wallet cases. Starting at $24.99, quality is something buyers always get. Customers can also buy the unlocked Galaxy S21 5G phone from this store.

The store also offers top Samsung cell phone chargers starting at $19.99 and charging hubs. Samsung Fast Charge Travel Adapter (Type-C) is $28.99 and Samsung AC Fast Charger Type-C 45W is $64.99. Customers with different budgets will find products in different price ranges. Samsung USB main chargers are available in 18W, 30W and 12W USB wall chargers. OtterBox lovers can also find exclusive dual-port and chargers from this brand. The charging stations are useful for those who need to charge multiple devices at the same time. Campad Electronics offers Belkin and Verbatim brands. With almost everyone working and learning from home today, these devices need to be charged quickly. The store plans to stock a full range of cases for the Galaxy Z Flip3 and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3.

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Campad electronics based in Queensland, Australia, has been providing premium products in various niches for over 35 years. The online store now offers the widest range of phone cases and cases, tablet accessories and other products for different brands and models.



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