Cash Offer Please opens a new office in Los Angeles, California

Cash Offer Please™, a real estate company based in Simi Valley, intends to open a new office in Los Angeles and expand its services to better serve California homeowners.

Since 2010, Cash Offer Please has been a leading real estate investment and home buying company in the California housing market. They expand to Los Angeles, California. For years they have served homeowners in local communities with compassion and empathy and have even developed a location that volunteers use to host cleanups across Southern California. Check out their volunteer events on their Facebook site.

The focus of the company’s work is real estate negotiation and investment, as well as hosting these volunteer-led events. Her specialty is solving complex real estate problems or problems that make it difficult for families to sell their homes in the traditional way, such as listing them with an agent. Issues like foreclosures, inherited properties, vacant properties, tax liens and anything that might prevent a home from being sold on the open market – you’ll still make a cash offer!

Cash Offer Please Buys homes throughout California, whether it’s Central, South, North or West. They have received many 5-star reviews for their business, with positive feedback from customers.

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cash offer please, a Simi Valley-based real estate company, intends to open a new office in Los Angeles and expand its services to better serve California homeowners. They promise the experience will provide prospective customers with hassle-free assistance with their home sales while upholding their values ​​of honesty and integrity in all interactions.

Cash Offer Please specializes in partnering with California homeowners to improve their home selling experience. The company has over a decade of real estate knowledge and skills making the process smooth and enjoyable for everyone involved. Professional homebuyers in Southern California aren’t just interested in cash. They also take care of the needs and desires of the homeowner. That is why we work closely with our customers to build a win-win situation.”

Selling a home in California can be stressful and take a lot of time. Thankfully, Simi Valley-based Cash Offer Please has found a simple solution to these problems. They offer alternatives to the traditional selling process, like no repair costs, commissions or hassle. Most homeowners can sell their home even if they still have a mortgage or are low on equity. Scott specializes in creative terms and solutions that allow the homeowner to transfer a mortgage debt and easily withdraw the remaining equity. Everyone would like to sell their house quickly and without brokerage fees!

Any homeowner who has been dealing with late mortgage payments and an unresponsive tenant for months may be able to help. Cash Offer Please opens a new virtual office in Los Angeles, California to buy homes for cash. They are expanding their business to help more California homeowners with loans from banks that didn’t help during the COVID-19 eviction laws or were even held hostage by renters. And many of the homeowners in California, especially in times of a pandemic, are beginning to have such problems with their rental properties.

That’s why Cash Offer Please is making home selling easier than ever, offering its services entirely online so homeowners worried about the virus can sell from the comfort of their living room. With the power of technology these days, they are using things like virtual inspections and walk-throughs to allow their clients to sell their homes virtually and not have to engage in unnecessary interactions with buyers in order to sell.

Cash Offer Please real estate professionals not only understand how to tackle complex real estate issues, but above all they are known for the compassion and empathy with which they approach their work. They understand that just because homeowners are looking for a quick fix, they are not willing to take a fair price and the respect they deserve. Most of their previous clients rave about the excellent service and the fairness with which they were treated when selling their home to Cash Offer Please.

For example, Robert Schechter of California said of working with the owner: “These people offered and bought a vacation home that my wife and I loved. They were polite and a pleasure to work with. We had some last minute health concerns with my wife and this company was able to amend their contract to deal with the unexpected changes in the situation so we could sell my house quickly. All in all they were very professional, cooperative and accommodating when there were unexpected changes.”

Robert, like many other customers they serve, wanted to sell his home as is. That was because he simply couldn’t afford to pay for the necessary repairs and renovations to the house and wanted to sell it as soon as possible.

When a home feels more like a burden than a cherished and loved family home, Cash Offer Please can offer advice and help.

It doesn’t matter what type of property it is; a house, duplex or condominium. Cash Offer Please make a non-binding and fair cash offer to buy the house “AS IS” without the seller having to make any repairs. And unlike other California cash buyers, the company’s offering doesn’t change before the closing date or come with hidden costs and fees. Los Angeles sellers looking for a fast, firm, and fair cash offer can definitely count on Cash Offer Please to deliver on their originally promised purchase price.

“Whatever the property, our company makes it easy and quick with a fair and firm cash offer based on the closing date you choose and the condition of your home. You don’t have to worry about paying hefty commissions to a broker. Plus, you don’t have to bear the cost of additional loan payments while you wait to find a homebuyer. With the assurance of a fair cash offer from Cash Offer Please, you can relax and stop fretting about a home you need to sell,” said Scott Berens, Founder of Cash Offer Please.

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areas of expertise

The main areas where the company offers homeowners affordable solutions are:

About cash offer please

Scott founded cash offer please in 2010 to transform its local community and restore beauty. Since then, however, the business has grown into a family affair, and that’s fitting as Scott developed his love and passion for helping people as well as real estate from his family. The company’s mission is to work closely with all parties, treating every situation with the utmost care and professionalism, and completing every real estate transaction seamlessly while doing the best for its clients.



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