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A strong beard oil made from organic oils for a smooth and well-groomed beard is pleased to announce that they are now offering free samples of their beard oil to their US customers. The specially formulated oil is available in three essences: Tonka Sandalwood, Vetiver Cumin and Vanilla Patchouli. The beard oils and balms developed here contain the best ingredients that nourish and promote beard growth while moisturizing and increasing volume. The formula aims to deliver the right amount of nutrients to the hair follicles to promote length and thickness. Castlebeard prides itself on all of its products being free from fillers, preservatives, colorings and fragrances. In addition, they are cruelty-free and cruelty-free.

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The beard oils are available in the scents Blue Bloods, Player’s Edge, Mod Sleek, Temple Magic, Fatal Attraction, Solomon’s Gold, Texas Angel, Blue Silver Rush, Weekend Rum, Love Samba and in the Unscented version for those who prefer no scent Oil. Essential oils such as vitamin E to protect skin from pollutants, UV damage and free radicals; Argan Oil to unclog pores and regulate sebum production for smooth skin; and jojoba oil is known for its antioxidant properties; are the active ingredients. All you need is just a drop of the specially formulated oil in the palm of your hand, gently rubbing onto the beard after showering. A gentle massage through the skin onto the facial hair will do.

Men have always grown beards, but today it’s more of a trend with salons offering exclusive beard grooming services. This store makes it possible to bring a salon home with the best selection of beard care products. beard oil tops the list in the newspaper beard care Routine. The oils prevent split ends, strengthen hair, thicken hair follicles, prevent razor burn and reduce post-shave pimples. The ingredients vitamin E and avocado oil promote skin healing and skin renewal, which replaces dead skin cells and promotes growth. Customers can choose from a full beard kit or a beard oil and balm kit and the advanced beard growth kit.

The complete beard care kit is a perfect gift consisting of beard oil, beard balm and wash and conditioner. A kit alone lasts three months and is designed to help men flaunt a healthy and well-groomed beard. Customers can also buy Electric Powered Silicone Ultrasonic Facial Brush for Deep Facial Cleansing and Professional Blackhead Remover.

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CastleBeard Organic Beard Oils

The site also offers a wide variety of items for men who want to grow a beard and those who don’t. From beard growth tips to grooming and care, beard dandruff treatment and guides to finding the best beard, there’s loads of information for beard lovers.

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About Schlossbart offers the best skin care and beard care products for men. Skin care for menbeard oil, face wash, and beard care products are featured here. The brand is based on ethically and locally sourced organic materials combined with a special formula that ensures a soft, smooth and shiny beard.



castle beard

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castle beard

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