Closer Consulting Announces New Quantum Algorithm Programming Division

Expanding virtual footprints in the US, Canada and Australia after successfully penetrating the UK

Closer Consulting is pleased to announce the launch of its new quantum algorithm programming division. 2021 has been an impressive year so far for Closer, which is celebrating its 15th anniversary with deeper penetration of the European market, particularly the UK, and attracting new clients from countries such as the US, Canada and Australia. Closer dives deep into sectors such as banking, insurance, manufacturing, automotive, and energy, leveraging its clients’ data habits, risks, trends, etc. to create more analytical models. With a diverse data scientist team, the company invests a quarter of its revenues in research and development, primarily to stay ahead of the market Data Science in Portugal and the UK.

Closer’s immediate goals are to keep pace and engage with the continued growth observed Nearshore Data Science Services with its highly specialized team at competitive costs in order to keep customers in the long term. Their standardized quality assurance and agile project management have enabled them to successfully complete projects in some of the most demanding and innovative companies in the world. This eventually led to significant growth in other business areas through the use of innovative new technologies such as quantum computing.

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Closer has remained true to its corporate values ​​to win the hearts of its customers with its innovative expertise in data science, business intelligence, artificial intelligence and advanced analytics. This feat is achieved and supported by its incredible team of 200+ data scientists (engineers, PhD students, etc.) and its experience of 200+ projects over the last 15 years.

According to Closer, the company will achieve its best-ever financial status this year and has started to expand its business in quantum computing algorithms. Closer saw a 40 percent increase in his bottom line and was able to onboard several worldwide references. The results reflect the focus on specialized knowledge in Data Science and Research & Development, which has been the cornerstone of the company since its inception. In doing so, Closer strengthens its export character and shifts the center of commercial influence to Northern Europe.

Co-founder and partner João Pires da Cruz revealed the secret of his success by saying, “Closer has historically been one of the companies that employs more physicists and whose core business is the development and implementation of mathematical models based on massive data processing.” was founded to participate in the quantum evolution circuit and this is only possible because of the level of maturity achieved in terms of programming interfaces and classical solutions to n-body problems.

Closer needs to increase his programming skills significantly compared to those currently known machine learning with classic computers. João Pires da Cruz emphasizes: “We are currently starting our activities in this area with 4 people. What the department needs to prove is the potential of their existence so we can ensure that once quantum computers reach their full potential, Closer will be able to tackle any problem.” “By then, the classical quantum n-body Problem approaches can be an enormous help in solving complex machine learning problems,” he further clarifies. In addition, points out that the company’s endgame is to consolidate its position as a leader in the market, which is still laying its foundations.

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Closer Consulting is a data science company founded in 2006 to provide services and solutions in the areas of Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. With the mission “To Challenge Complexity” they currently have offices in UK, Portugal, Hong Kong and Brazil.



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