dr Chronic pain expert Delzell shares insights into how manual therapy can help relieve chronic pain

Leading chronic pain expert Dr. Delzell, has published an article that talks extensively about chronic pain and manual therapy. Insightful for anyone dealing with chronic pain and seeking relief.

dr Delzell’s recent blog post describes the causes of chronic pain and a variety of methods used to treat it. The post also talks about the relationship between manual therapy and chronic pain and outlines why manual therapy is effective in treatment. dr Delzell is also the owner of Advanced MMC and has used manual therapy to treat chronic pain of all types. However, there cannot be a so-called one-size-fits-all approach to chronic pain, as Dr. Delzell recognizes why individual counseling is necessary to understand the nature of the pain so that a form of therapy can then be used to address it.

Advanced Musculoskeletal Medicine Consultants, Inc., directed by Dr Delzell, has treated dozens of people with chronic pain over the years. According to her, manual therapy is a form of specialized therapy performed by hands and not a machine like some other therapies. The benefit of using the hands for a doctor is that it allows them to apply the right pressure to the right places like the muscles or manipulate the joints to relieve different types of chronic pain, joint dysfunction, muscle spasms and eventually to treat.

dr Delzell shares insights into how manual therapy can relieve chronic pain

People suffering from chronic pain are often treated with a cocktail of drugs that are temporary pain relievers and potentially addictive, many experts warn. Because of this, manual therapy is a much better form of treatment, no matter what type is used. It is usually up to the doctor to decide what type of manual therapy is most appropriate for the patient’s condition.

Readers can read the contribution by Dr. Read Delzell in detail by visiting https://www.advancedmmc.com/post/manual-therapy-and-chronic-pain.

“I think this is mainly based on my years of experience treating people with chronic pain; Manual therapy is the most effective way to deal with it. I have treated many patients over the years who were taking painkillers, which is unsustainable. They knew they couldn’t keep taking painkillers and increasing the dose to stay pain free, and that worried them. The manual therapy proved extremely effective for them, and many soon stopped taking the painkillers.” said dr Delzell by Advanced MMC.

she added “I get so many questions from patients and people dealing with chronic pain that I decided to write this very detailed blog post. I hope people find my article useful when it comes to seeking help. However, anyone reading it with chronic pain can book a consultation, which I find is the best way to analyze what’s wrong and then prescribe treatment.”

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