DUNAVOX announces further expansion in the UK and Ireland markets in 2021

Award-winning designs in premium wine coolers, wine coolers and storage solutions

24th May 2021 – Dunavox.com, designer of Premium wine coolers are pleased to announce that they continue to expand into the UK and Irish markets in 2021. The brand recently received the prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Award in the category of the best luxury wine coolers in the world for 2020. The catalog has now been updated with award winning ones Premium wine coolers and wine coolers for their new customers in the UK.

Dunavox was also recently in the news for the launch of its first-ever high-end wine coolers designed to help wine lovers take care of their beloved wine bottles.

Wine consumption is universally recommended by wine experts and they suggest that wine, when enjoyed in moderation, can have beneficial health effects such as: B. reducing the risk of heart disease.


The entire winemaking process makes wine more potent and increases HDL levels, preventing LDL levels that can damage the outer lining of arteries. Wine consumption also supports longevity due to certain components found in red wines. The antioxidants found in grapes can help fight free radicals that can damage cells. And health experts also believe that the nutrients in red wine also have the ability to prevent Alzheimer’s. These reasons are enough to encourage people to make wine their preferred recreational drink over other beverages. But like everything else in life, wine should be used in moderation.

Dunavox believes every bottle of wine deserves its rightful place in its premium wine cabinet range. They have launched several wine storage solutions under brands such as Glance, Soul, Flow, Home, Grande and Eol. The Dunavox Glance is a kitchen-integrated wine cooler with features like push-to-open doors that work with internal sensors. The integrated ventilation system ensures even and ideal temperature settings despite being placed under worktops.

Dunavox Soul is an extension of Glance but with a sleek exterior and stainless steel or black handles. Dunavox Flow has been designed for kitchens with island counters and the catalog is now updated with premium undercounter wine coolers with a removable bottom vent. Dunavox Home models are premium freestanding wine coolers with recessed grip door openers. The free-standing cool boxes can be placed anywhere, indoors or outdoors. While Dunavox Grande is more suited to commercial settings, there are models that can also be used for bulk storage in basements and basements. All designs are compatible with modern kitchen designs and can be integrated under worktops, making them the most versatile kitchen installations for wine lovers.

To learn more, visit https://dunavox.com/

About Dunavox

Dunavox is an award-winning brand offering quality wine coolers and storage solutions for home kitchens. Supported by minimalist design, energy-efficient performance, practical layouts and functional aesthetics, the wine coolers are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology at the company’s factory in Budapest, Hungary.




Address: Rokolya, Budapest Hungary

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