Empowering Women’s American Dream: Mita Quiogue

Mita Quiogue is the Founder and CEO of Glossy Skinnovation, a SoHo-based skin care clinic offering cutting-edge skin tone correction and anti-aging treatments.

Mita Quiogue is the Founder and CEO of Glossy Skinnovation, a SoHo-based skincare clinic offering state-of-the-art skin tone correcting and anti-aging treatments, non-invasive body contouring, laser services and a range of specially formulated skincare products.

Born and raised in the Philippines, Mita holds a degree in Business Administration from De La Salle-College of

Holy Benilde. Previously, she owned many very successful companies in her home country

In 2009 she emigrated to the United States. Eventually she settled in New York and shifted her focus to

of the beauty industry and was determined to carve out a niche for itself in this fiercely competitive competition


Mita Quiogue

“I came here without knowing anyone,” she says, laughing at her audacity. And just like NYC

was kind to Carrie Bradshaw, the Big Apple was exceptionally kind to Mita. I’m looking for

Acquiring new skills, Mita learned everything she could about eyelash extensions and facials

Treatments and other beauty treatments.

She now has a wide network of friends and business associates in the fields of beauty, fashion and

entertainment industries. She also runs Glossy Skinnovation, a very successful business skin care clinic

In NYCin hip SoHo.

Helping clients achieve the best version of themselves

Mita’s goal is to help her clients look and feel their best so they can find their way

with more confidence in life. Realizing that many of her clients were struggling with skin issues,

Mita focused her razor-sharp intellect on creating a premium skincare line that would help her

Clients achieve clear, glowing skin.

The result is Glossy New York Skincare, a range of value-for-money skincare products

which provide a variety of benefits including fading stubborn dark spots on the skin and underarms,

gently brightens and rejuvenates the complexion and nourishes the skin to give it that

coveted “glass skin” translucency.

When it comes to products, customer favorites include the Glossy Fade Away Cream (the

quickly fades scars and dark spots), the melasma removal kit (which corrects skin tone

imperfections) and the Glossy Glass Skin Beauty Bundle (which works synergistically to deliver crystal clear glass skin).

Because of its effectiveness, the Glossy New York Skincare Line has gained a cult following around the world

World. Mita is working hard to expand her clientele by supplying her skincare products to

various clinics in the United States, Canada and Australia. It also checks whether it can expand

the Philippine market by offering Glossy New York Skincare in local pharmacies.

Ventures in the medical field and real estate

With the coronavirus pandemic devastating many industries and forcing many companies to

Nearby, Mita found ingenious ways to create more jobs and do her part to revitalize the company


Due to the pandemic, she started venturing into the medical field in August 2020. “There

There has been an increased need for medical providers during the pandemic, and quite frankly, there is

pandemic-proof business,” says Mita.

She opened a medical clinic in Queens, New York and another in Pennsylvania. she is

eager to expand to more areas across the country and provide much-needed work for medicine

professionals and a critical service to the public.

“I’m also venturing into the residential real estate market. I started in November 2020 when I

noted the migration of residents from the urban centers to the outskirts and rural areas. persons

now want to live in bigger homes in less congested communities — and transition to remote work

and COVID-19 is accelerating this population transfer.

“I expand my portfolio by acquiring new properties that I can exchange and rent out. This is a challenge

new venture for me and see stable growth in demand for home ownership.”

Shiny skin innovation

other aspirations

Alongside her beauty and entrepreneurial endeavors, Mita also produces fashion shows. one

One of her most notable projects was Arise Mindanao, a fashion show that presented the

Neo-ethnic fashion by Mindanao-based designer Feliciano Ador. Shiny skin innovation is also a regular

Attendees at Manhattan Fashion Week.

Aside from work, Mita describes herself as a determined single mother who is very devoted to her

two children who she credits with inspiring her to reach new heights. “I’m a survivor, period.”

Says Mita. “I’ve fallen down many times, but I’ve always been able to get up again. I have

I have survived several major health crises and am a kidney recipient.

“My ultimate dream is to become a good example for others to follow… young women, Asians

Immigrants seeking the American Dream… I want to empower other women. I would like

Strengthening the Filipino community. I want to show others that when they work hard, they focus on their work

If they dream and learn from their mistakes, they too can become success stories.”



Shiny skin innovation

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(917) 340-8997

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Website: https://www.glossyusa.com/

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