Even Mix, leading manufacturer of industrial mixing machines, announces the launch of a completely revamped website

The redesigned website not only impresses with a fresh, modern design, but also makes it extremely easy for customers to find out more about their innovative faucet.

Even Mix recently unveiled a newly revamped website that boasts a modern design and a user-friendly interface that clearly showcases their modular mixers. According to the company, the new website makes it very easy to find and learn about their flexible mixers, new product developments and shared mixing experiences.

Even mix has also stated that the site will serve as a useful resource for business owners in the market for a drum mixer or tank mixer. The revamped blog will continue to provide visitors with the new products, blending process news and other related information, making it an excellent place for people to learn more about the company and share blending experiences.

Readers can check out the redesigned website at https://evenmix.com.

Even Mix is ​​one of the leading manufacturers of innovative IBC tank and drum mixers (plastic tank or shuttle) in the USA. The company’s IBC, drum and tank mixers are among the most innovative 3D mixers with the convenience of being lightweight and are known for their ability to blend even the most challenging liquids. In addition, the company’s mixers are used in many industries, e.g Agriculture, water treatment, food, adhesives and chemicals where mixing efficiency and ease of use matter. However, one of the challenges the company has faced recently has been its ability to effectively communicate the benefits of its mixers. Often business owners have to rely on calling the company for information.

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The redesigned website now makes it easier than ever to find information about some of the company’s leading products. Companies interested in learning more or receiving a quote can message Even Mix directly through the website. The company hopes that the redesigned website will help the company reach more people.

“The redesigned website was created and designed based on the feedback we received from our old website. While our previous website served us well, we added digital drives, tank mixers and various accessories and needed to communicate the benefits more clearly. Through our new website and online marketplace, we have made the information people need easily available online.” Said Phil Rankin, founder of Even Mix, when speaking about the site.

He added, “The aim of the new website is to offer visitors much more than they need. We have more detailed pictures of our mixers and accessories, particularly our IBC, drum and tank mixers which are also among our best sellers. We also have more detailed technical specifications and warranty information, which has been some of the most requested information over the years.”

Even Mix has said that the company will continue to improve and refine the website based on visitor feedback. Even Mix is ​​committed to continuous improvement as a core value. We communicate directly with our users, which gives us access to valuable feedback to improve our mixers and website.

About Even Mix

Even Mix is ​​best known for using aerospace engineering techniques to develop its pump technology into an innovative new set of variable pitch blades, enabling 3D mixing technology in IBCs, drums and tanks. The company’s innovation in blade design, light weight, and powerful and durable drives has resulted in triple-digit sales growth since 2015.


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