Exclusive occupational therapy and wellness services for pre-adolescents and teenagers

BrainWings provides tools to improve physical activity or movement, self-regulation, participation and overall well-being in teens and pre-teens

22nd April 2021 – BrainWings LLC is pleased to introduce itself as a service to occupational therapy and wellness. A new service for the area, the aim with which it was launched is enormous. Today’s children are tomorrow’s future. The irony of the statement is that today’s children and young people are not as safe as they should be. Over the past year, many young people have struggled to adjust their lives due to the pandemic. Change has impacted all areas of their lives, with major impacts on cognitive, physical, psychosocial and spiritual well-being.

Also, they are surrounded by things that can do more harm than good. From cell phones to gaming devices, internet and technology, kids and teens find it difficult to find a reason to get away from their devices. Most children do not like to play outside. They don’t spend time with their families and unfortunately, families often seem unable to find adequate time for their children.

Children, especially pre-teens and teens, are becoming disconnected from society. The reasons may be varied. While some are valid, others could be avoided entirely. Judith Goddard, the founder of BrainWings, believes that overall well-being is critical during pre-adolescent and adolescent years. And when overlooked, the results can pose challenges to their mental and physical well-being. This, in turn, can have a major impact on their day-to-day performance, whether it be at school, college, athletic activities, jobs, or routines. Judith thinks this is the age when children discover who they really are. And their current environment can really change the way they feel in the future.

Brain Wings LLC

There are many teenagers with or without special needs who face many challenges day in and day out. It’s important to consider occupational therapy and wellness at this stage. Parents who have recognized that their children need help in this regard need support. BrainWings, a Christian ministry, takes an integrative approach that combines both occupational therapy and a preventative approach. The therapeutic models are designed to address the underlying issues and promote healthy interaction. OT helps pre-teens and teens participate and thrive in their current roles and activities, whether it be at school, work, or in the community, bringing more meaning and purpose to life.

The benefits of occupational therapy are achievement of emotional balance, a healthy body and mind, the ability to form healthy relationships, active and meaningful participation in their assigned activities, an interest in personal growth, improved social connections and increased self-esteem, to identify their own to discover true potential and experience quality of life. BrainWings serves teenagers between the ages of 10 and 19 with or without special needs. They provide online counseling and education for parents, guardians and caregivers in the Springfield, Missouri area. The company offers in-home services in Battlefield, Brookline, Springfield, Marionville, Ozark, Mt. Vernon, Billings, Nixa and Republic by prior booking. Additional non-OT services to support exercise and physical activity are also available.

To learn more, visit https://www.brainwingsmo.com/

About Brain Wings LLC

Brain Wings LLC was founded by Judith Goddard, an occupational therapist. Launched in 2020, the service aims to support pre-teens and teens and provide them with the necessary tools to self-manage, gain independence and achieve goals while promoting spiritual well-being.

BrainWings is one of the Midwest’s first occupational therapy and wellness companies to serve exclusively pre-teens and teens.


Brain Wings LLC

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Website: https://www.brainwingsmo.com/

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