Expert Empires celebrates 7 years of customer success

Help consultants, speakers, and other professionals see phenomenal business growth

Expert Empires celebrates 7 years of client success by helping consultants, speakers, trainers, business coaching authors and experts to excel business growth.

Expert Empires founder Nick James started in the business world in 2009. Since then he has built four separate seven figure companies delving into the expert space. He then decided to make the insights and first-hand knowledge he had gained available to other professionals and professionals who are dedicated to building six and seven figure companies while fulfilling their career dreams.

Business coaches and consultants play a huge role in the corporate world. They have years of experience and expertise behind them. Unfortunately, not many are paid fairly for what they truly deserve. Expert Empires created a scorecard that measures their current performance against four key outcome elements – Promotion, Packaging, Pitching and Planning.

By answering 24 simple questions, experts can get a report within two minutes. The report highlights the areas of improvement and explores opportunities for deserved growth.

take the test.

management consultants, coaches and writers can watch a customized training video that will guide them on how to improve their game. Expert Empires has carefully designed programs to suit individual client needs.

3 Stages of Building an Expert Empire is a tried and tested blueprint based on the experiences of the founder. It has already helped thousands of professionals around the world achieve their 6 and 7 figure business goals. Carefully planned and meticulously tested, the program operates in three distinct phases that give experienced coaches, consultants, writers and speakers the edge.

In the first phase of the program, professionals who are just starting out will find ways to take their business to the 50,000 mark, which is the first goal. Interestingly, the program suggests that what gets people to their first goal might actually keep them from making six-figure deals. That’s where phase two of the program comes in, helping customers hit that six-figure mark.

Once they reach 200,000 per year, they can take the next step to accelerate their business growth. This third phase of the program helps them reach seven-figure companies. Overall, it’s all about scalability, team, culture, distribution system, processes and strategies that can make experienced companies soar.

Selling your expertise is a trick and Expert Empires really nailed it!

It helps professionals generate more through its cutting-edge training, events, and mastermind programs

qualified leads, close sales, get more exposure and stand out in the competitive industry. Expert Empires has been doing this successfully for 7 years by creating multiple success stories from its clients.

About Expert Empires

Expert Empires, based on the experiences of founder Nick James who has built four separate seven-figure companies in the expert space, the company has helped thousands around the world with its proven Blueprint program.


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