Fire Supplies Online Ltd. launches brand new website

Becoming the one stop destination for quality fire extinguishers at reasonable prices

May 25, 2021 – London, United Kingdom — Fire Supplies Online Ltd., known for their wide range of the highest quality fire extinguisher and other fire supplies, launched a new website, which has become the go-to place for consumers.

They say you can’t always avoid accidents, but you can do your best to minimize the damage. Accidents caused by fire can be devastating and it is important to be well prepared, both at home and in the office. Data released by the UK Home Office showed that fire and rescue services attended 557,299 incidents in 2019-20. Of those incidents, 153,957 were fires.

As people do their best to keep their homes and businesses safe for loved ones and employees, accidents happen. That’s where fire supplies come into the picture. Fire Supplies Online Ltd. is the comprehensive resource for all types of fire supplies for use at home, in business, as well as by professionals and emergency services. In fact, the store also takes bulk orders for fire extinguishers for the benefit of its customers.

Fire Supplies Online Ltd.

The diverse range of firefighting supplies in store includes fire blankets, cabinets, stands, fire buckets, alarms and more. Fire Supplies Online Ltd. also has a collection of signs that can be used as precautions in fire risk areas. It has also added a range of Covid protection items including surgical masks for its customers in the pandemic-hit year.

Fire Supplies Online Ltd. is also the place where you can look for different types of specialty fire extinguishers. From CO2 to Water Fire Extinguisher; interested customers can find everything in one place in the store. They can browse different product categories to find whatever they want with ease. In addition, they can get valuable information about the products they are interested in to make the best decisions.

The store offers fire accessories from renowned brands such as Commander Range, Commander Edge, Contempo and more. In fact, it does everything it can to convince buyers of the quality of its fire accessories. Among the products included in Fire Supplies Online Ltd’s extensive collection. are available include:

  • 3kg Powder Commander with transport bracket is available for £22.99.

  • The 6 liter Commander Chemical Wet Extinguisher can be purchased for £85.99.

  • The Monnex Dry Powder 9kg fire extinguisher specially designed for high risk situations is a smart purchase at £215.00.

  • 9 liter water – Commander Range comes with a 5 year guarantee and is only £22.50.

  • 1 liter AFF Foam – Commander Range is available in store for £16.50.

From their corrosion resistant properties to the availability of replacement parts, Fire Supplies Online Ltd. important information about all its products. It is interesting to note that these products are also available at reduced prices with free shipping on orders over £50. is the new address to find those quality fire supplies at budget-friendly prices.

About Fire Supplies Online Ltd.

The online shop has become a one-stop shop for a wide range of premium fire accessories at an affordable price.


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