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It’s good news for California residents, especially those looking to enroll Medigap plans in California for 2021. Medigap in California is coming along unique birthday rule where residents have the opportunity to enroll in a Medigap plan on their birthday without having to answer any health questions. The rule also gives 91 extra days to enroll in the most appropriate plan and change their policy 30 days before or 60 days after their birthday. While there are several rules at play, one of the most important is that the birthday rule only applies to Medicare Supplement Plans in California and not Medicare Advantage Plans. Outside of this enrollment period, customers may apply for a supplemental plan with health insurance at any time at the time of application.

Medigap plans for those under the age of 65 are not available in all states, and those living in California may want to opt for the Medicare Advantage plan to avoid exorbitant carrier fees. While this remains Medigap’s latest news, the California Medicare Advantage Plan has been launched Home Covid-19 vaccination programs introduced in the last week of April 2021. EMTs and Paramedics will now visit seniors or citizens who are ill, infirm, or medically homebound. Also known as the SCAN Health Plan, operated through MedArrive, this program is a unique feature of the Medicare Advantage Plan. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. In early March 2021, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, in partnership with the New York City Department of Health, successfully vaccinated several seniors and people with mobility issues in their communities.

For those who do not know about the proposed California Health Care Bill with new amendments, it is better to familiarize yourself with the same. This two-page new single-payer bill highlights existing health programs and also proposes the CalCare program, which would include all benefits with comprehensive single-payer health care for all California residents. A rally held by a group of 30 people in Santa Barbara outside the County Courthouse last month drew a lot of attention as activists highlighted issues like the broken health care system, with citizens unable to afford and have no access to health care need them. While the community is still awaiting parliamentary approval, people are hoping that this law will solve most of their health problems.

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