Hearsay, the Legal Podcast presents a practical way to help attorneys earn CPD points

Combining podcast episodes in interview format with multimedia e-learning content for quick reference

Hearsay The Legal Podcast is pleased to present a convenient way for attorneys to receive their CPD points in the most convenient and flexible way. The process involves combining the podcast interviews in interview format with multimedia e-learning content that is readily available for reference. The episodes on Hearsay are based on an interview format in which the guests are asked about their experiences, stories from their careers that are worth sharing on this platform, and other details that are very important for aspiring or aspiring lawyers. The first season of hearsay podcasts was an instant hit and had received impressive reviews from experts and stakeholders alike. Guests including current and former judges, attorneys, paralegals, economists, academics and consultants were part of the thought-provoking interviews.

Earning adequate CPD points is very important in a lawyer’s career. Hearsay The Right Podcast makes it an easy journey by advancing the content in the most unique and engaging way. These episodes are not just interviews, but detailed notes of abstract works, infographics, cases, reports, articles and much more. And it doesn’t stop there. At the end of each podcast there is an e-learning quiz that tests listeners’ knowledge. The Hearsay platform also tracks the episodes that have been reviewed by listeners and the quizzes that have been completed.

Hearsay The Right Podcast

This tracking information helps attorneys review their progress each CPD year and generate a report in the event of a review. Earning the mandatory CPD credits every year might be quite a task, but not when they are engaging, fun, and informative. The podcasts have seen an increase in listeners since the first episode. It has also gained momentum in the legal community because these educational podcasts are engaging and supported by a multimedia platform that enables these attorneys to become CPD compliant in the most effective way. Australian Lawyers can depend fully on Hearsay, the Legal Podcast, to meet the needs associated with Continuing Professional Development or CPD.

Attorneys can now claim up to five CPD points per year from Hearsay’s audio-only material. In order to get more points, lawyers should also interact with other summary materials, references, e-learning modules, notes, etc. Each episode featured on Hearsay consists of a different theme. This allows lawyers to choose the one that interests them the most and earn points during the process. The e-learning modules consist of 10 questions per episode, which are very easy to answer by listening carefully. The best thing about signing up with Hearsay is that members can complete the CPD requirements as they please. More than anything else, this CPD program is entirely self-assessment based, and attorneys can enhance their knowledge and skills in areas relevant to their practice. Hearsay is completely FREE for students.

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Hearsay The Legal Podcast is an exclusive podcast for lawyers and those interested in the law. The legal podcasts feature guests from different backgrounds, specialist lawyers, specialist consultants, academics, economists, psychologists and management consultants.



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