Home Improvements Dublin now offer Trocal Roofing & Flat Roofing Extension Services

Also offers skylight installation and roof repairs in Dublin

Home Improvements Dublin are pleased to announce that they now offer Trocal roofing and flat roof extension services. These Dublin flat roof builders have been providing affordable roofing services since 1997. The flat roof system is usually the best choice for smaller structures such as room extensions, sheds and areas surrounded by mature trees. The contractors here are experts in flat roof installation, repair and replacement. They install different types of rubber, GRP liquid and felt membrane roofing. Flat roof builders in Dublin also offer assessments to better understand the roof and make a correct diagnosis. During this assessment, contractors can identify cracks, blisters, damage from excessive heat, damage from hailstorms, cracks in skylights, any leaks and impacts from previous repairs, etc.

Home Improvements Dublin

Who is looking for modular Installation of skylights in Dublin roofers can contact here for all types of skylights. These installations are ideal for flat roofs and are great alternatives for bringing natural light into rooms that comes too directly from the sky. The roofing experts here can build a new roof window or incorporate a new design into an existing structure. Today’s modern structures in Dublin require skylights to accentuate the overall aesthetic and to define certain features in the space. All systems installed by these flat roof builders in Dublin are tested for their efficiency in extreme climate conditions and weather changes.

The company is also known for its impeccable quality Roof repairs in North Dublin. “Great value for money, great service! My roof was repaired at extremely short notice over the weekend. Will be bringing them back to have other work done in the new year,” says Joe Fitzgerald, a satisfied customer. Loose bricks or shingles, leaks in the roof, moss formation or damaged roof peaks, the contractors can solve any type of problem Roof repairs in Dublin. The services are quick and effective. The company’s goal is to provide affordable services without compromising on labor standards and the quality of materials used.

The team of roofing experts are also available for emergency roof repairs in North Dublin. Some of the common services include emergency repairs for houses, apartments, garages and outbuildings; slate and tile loss or damage; full storm damage assessment and repair; maintenance of skylights; roof damage leaking; chimney repairs; gutter cleaning; full insulation for different types of roofs; and many more. The company has received rave reviews for its quality workmanship at affordable prices and faster turnaround times. Whether a flat roof extension or a new roof, the roofers are entrusted with every roofing task. Home Improvements Dublin are one of the few roofing companies to guarantee compliance with all Dublin roofing standards. Call the office now for a free, no obligation visit and estimate.

To learn more, visit https://homeimprovementsdublin.ie/

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Home Improvements Dublin are the professional roofing specialists and Flat roof builders in Dublin who have been providing quality roof installation, repair and maintenance services for over two decades.



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