In Motion shares a new post on how sports physiotherapy prepares and protects your body

In Motion explains how sports therapy and physical therapy in general help protect the body. The post was written by a leading board-certified physical therapist, Dr. Lauren E Schnidman published.

The latest contribution from a holistic physical therapist dr Lauren E Schnidman outlines how physical therapy can help build the body’s ability to support its joints. Many people who run, lift weights, or play sports often complain of nagging tennis elbow that prevents them from truly enjoying the sport they are playing. according to dr sports physiotherapy can help a lot. Physical therapy gives people the opportunity to get back in shape and then exercise and enjoy the sport they’ve always played. For example, while many people think of sports therapy as a way to recover from an injury, it can help a runner avoid running injuries. Physiotherapy can also prevent many serious injuries later on.

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While it is highly recommended for people who play sports or exercise to practice safe stretching, there are times when injury is not caused because the body is not warm enough for the exercise. Injuries and often long-lasting pain can be caused by a variety of other reasons. Therefore, therapists cannot take a one-size-fits-all approach. The best way to prevent injury or long-term pain is to have a physical therapist assess a person’s current strength level and then create a plan that will help target the weakest areas that could lead to injury if left unsupported will. The procedure acc dr Lauren E Schnidman, is one of the keys to injury prevention. Once a plan is in place, a certified personal trainer can oversee that it is implemented correctly for the best results.

Corresponding dr Lauren E Schnidman, it could mean that a tennis player, for example, can play all year round without suffering significant setbacks. The same applies to a runner who can enjoy running again without excruciating knee or shin pain.

In Motion shares a new post on how sports physiotherapy prepares and protects your body

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“All athletes have a natural need to compete. However, competing often means trying harder, being brave, and beating the pain. I’ve had many patients who play competitive sports but shrug what they see as minor injuries, which only causes those injuries to get worse. The biggest mistake they make is not mentioning these injuries to a physical therapist or personal trainer because they don’t want to be on the bench. But without treatment, this so-called minor injury can become more serious, and that often requires a break from playing for several weeks.” dr Lauren E Schnidman.

she added “Tennis elbow is the most common instance of this type of pain. It can start harmlessly. There is pain that is likely to be throbbing and that leads the person to believe they can play it through. However, if this pain is not treated with the right physical therapy, it can later lead to arthritis and eventual loss of function.”

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