Infinity Eye Care, Twinsburg, OH

Owner of INFINITY EYE CARE, Dr. Ryan McKinnis, is the latest guest to share his journey with listeners on the podcast.

Small businesses often have a hard life. Usually run by just one or two people, it goes without saying that it holds an important place in the life of the communities to which they belong. While today’s culture is shaped by the multi-billion dollar e-commerce markets, where just a few players cover more than 90% of the market, small businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to sustain their existence.

Operation of the bases with small companies

The cumbersome challenges that small business owners constantly face are daunting, and hence it becomes important to talk about them. It’s only fair that these companies get the attention, popularity, and business they rightly deserve. That’s why Randy Rohde gets by 38 Digital Market – a digital marketing agency in Cleveland – launched a podcast highlighting small businesses so people can know, know, and support those businesses.

Running The Bases With Small Businesses has the latest guest on its podcast – dr Ryan McKinnisFounder of the new eye care service Infinite eye care. dr McKinnis is known for his utmost passion and dedication to serving his families. Based in Twinsburg, OH, Infinity Eye Care’s mission is to bring personalized eye care to everyone who walks in.

It is said that eyes are the gateway to the soul. But the eyes are also the window through which man looks at the outside world. And when it gets dark, the world goes dark. dr McKinnis is committed to bringing the light of healing into the eyes of each of his patients. Equipped with the latest technology, his team strives to meet requirements and then exceed expectations. Even amid a severe pandemic that continues to worsen and the lockdowns, Dr. McKinnis served his community with an unparalleled commitment and service that is the hallmark of a truly dedicated medical professional.

When asked what prompted him and his wife, Heather, to open Infinity Eye Care in the midst of the raging pandemic last January, he replied with a gentle smile and a caring reminiscent of a doctor who is a doctor everywhere: “Me always wanted to be in business and take care of people. It didn’t matter what else was happening in the world – people have needs and I want to help.”

Randy, the owner of 38 Digital Market, is always on the lookout for entrepreneurs and small business owners whose businesses are and have been a significant part of the communities in which they have established themselves for his podcast. He shares about their journey, trading, actionable tips for listeners and entrepreneurs, and lots of other information.

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38 Digital Market supports business owners with a wide range of digital marketing solutions including SEO, local SEO, press releases, pay per click services, web design, video creation and marketing services. Agency owner Randy started a podcast, Running the Bases with Small Businesses, to help local business owners share their inspirational stories and journeys. The podcast has become a huge hit with the local community for bringing a personal touch to each and every story.



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