Inlife expands its offer with more than 1,300 accommodations for students coming to Portugal

Makes it easier to rent rooms in Lisbon, Porto and other cities

June 24, 2021 – Lisbon, Portugal — Inlife has brought more than 1,300 accommodation options for students who can now Rooms for rent in LisbonPorto and other parts of Portugal and make the most of their student years.

The beautiful country is firmly on the list of favorite travel destinations for travelers from around the world. But alongside its natural scenic beauty, it’s Portugal’s laid-back, friendly vibe that has made it a popular travel destination, especially among youngsters. While many come here for travel, there are others who choose the country as a study destination. Along with the fun atmosphere, they can study their chosen programs at top universities that have raised the bar on education.

As the saying goes, college years are lived only once and should be made the most of. And one of the most important aspects of student life to the fullest is choosing the right accommodation. Unfortunately, finding a home through traditional means has been shown to lead students to make poor decisions they later regret. This is exactly where Inlife’s Smart Services come into play.

Inlife has reversed the whole process of searching Student accommodation in Porto, Lisbon and other cities in Portugal turned upside down. The company works with local landlords in these cities to ensure that students coming to the country have a wide range of rental accommodation to choose from. Local in-life advisors in these cities and the opportunity to view the property before renting gives students a clear picture of what they are getting into.

This summer, thousands of students from the UK and different parts of the world will travel to Portugal for student exchange programs or to complete their specific courses. You have more than 1,300 options to choose from. To start the process, all they have to do is register on Inlife’s state-of-the-art platform, which is completely free. They get instant real estate recommendations based on their needs.

Students who want to rent rooms in Lisbon, Porto, etc. can benefit from the company’s personalized services. The company’s assisted booking allows them to choose the location, price range and other specific preferences based on their requirements. Trained and friendly local advisors will then guide you through various options until you find exactly what you are looking for.

Inlife has kept the process fully transparent for the benefit of the students. They have the option to book in person after taking a tour of their chosen homes with a local advisor. Alternatively, to secure their home prior to arrival, they can opt for live tours through video calls which will give them a rough idea of ​​what they are looking for. If the place is booked, the payment will be transferred to the landlord two days after the check-in date.

This innovative, secure and transparent process makes Inlife the trusted name for students coming to Portugal.

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With a new professional and transparent approach to student and professional accommodation in Portugal, the company has become a trusted name among those making the country their temporary home.


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