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23approx June 2021 – Italian Secrets is pleased to announce that they have launched a brand new website with a larger selection of espresso machines and coffee makers; Each of them is handpicked and carefully tested to ensure it meets their standard of excellence. The site currently features the best Italian espresso machine brands and carefully reviews the latest models. The De’Longhi coffee machine brand takes the lead with five bestselling models currently doing the rounds.

The De’Longhi Dedica Espresso Machine Bundle is first on the list, allowing coffee lovers to mix and match their coffee shop picks. Make a perfect espresso with freshly ground coffee beans along with frothy favorites like cappuccino, caffe latte and macchiato. The other models from the De’Longhi coffee brand are the Lattissima Single-Serve Capsule Coffee Machine, the Magnifica Cup Coffee Machine, the Dedica Style Traditional Barista Pump Espresso Machine, and the Scultura Traditional Barista Pump Espresso Machine.

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Italian mysteries are also included Nespresso machines starting with the highly versatile Nespresso Momento 100, which can be used in homes, offices and small stalls. Equipped with the New Americano function, this machine allows users to brew coffee in their favorite Nordic cuisine and a cup full of aroma and flavor. The Nespresso Lattissima Touch is a luxury model with a touchscreen display and 6 choices with a preset drink menu. Another novelty of the Nespresso coffee machine brand is the 11360 Inissia, a compact capsule coffee system weighing less than 2.5 kg.

And for those who already have a Nespresso machine and are looking for capsules, this site has something to offer too Nespresso compatible capsules. With Nespresso’s big market entry, Nespresso is now being inundated with all sorts of good, bad, and annoying replacements for the expensive capsule coffee machines. This page features the top 3 Nespresso compatible capsules such as

Bialetti is another famous Italian brand founded in 1933 by Alfonso Bialetti. Your Bialetti Moka Express stovetop aluminum coffee maker allows for a fully personalized coffee drinking experience. Consisting of high-quality aluminum and an ergonomic handle, Everything Bialetti Suitable for all types of cookers except induction cookers. Visit the site for many other stove top espresso machines including the stainless steel induction machine Stovetop espresso machine from Godmorn, BonVivo, La Cafetiere, Groenenberg, KitchenCraft and many other popular brands.

This website was started by Roman Urlich, a passionate lover of coffee, especially Italian coffee – espresso and cappuccino to be more precise. Roman’s love of coffee begins with a freshly brewed cup each morning. Like any other coffee-loving Italian, Roman takes his coffee seriously. It is this passion that made him create this platform to share and talk about coffee, coffee beans, Italian coffee makers, coffee grinders and accessories.

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Italian Secrets offers a wide range of espresso machines and coffee machines. From top Italian espresso machine brands to discovering coffee in the world of coffee beans, this site also features informative articles and reviews to help customers make wise decisions when purchasing a coffee maker and its accessories.



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