Keystone Moving and Junk Removal is expanding moving services across the Harrisburg, PA area

Provides premier moving services, garbage disposal and storage units in the Mechanicsburg PA area

Keystone Moving and Junk Removal is pleased to announce that they have expanded moving services throughout the Harrisburg, PA area. They are known for their world class moving services, professional packing services, garbage disposal and storage units in Mechanicsburg PA, Central PA and the surrounding area. These movers have had the privilege of working for and mentoring multiple clients ranging from families to military members, businesses to corporate offices, government officials to NBA and NFL players, college students to young professionals, single mothers to the elderly. As one of the reputable and popular Harrisburg moving companies, they always strive to make their customers’ move as stress-free as possible.

Keystone Moving & Junk Removal

The company offers both local and long-distance moves professional packaging services in Harburg. These services are offered for regular residences, offices, garages, commercial buildings and storage units in Mechanicsburg PA. Their additional services also include furniture delivery services, junk removal in Harrisburg, PA and home and commercial cleaning. The teams here are well equipped both in terms of logistics and training to handle all types of moves without any inconvenience to their clients. They handle the entire move from start to finish. And for those looking for specific services such as B. relocating workers, this team is just a phone call away.

Unlike other Harrisburg movers, Keystone allows its customers to choose a service that fits their needs. As for the rest of the services, customers can always be assured that they are experiencing best-in-class moving services. Their professional moving services include packing and labeling all items and taking care of packages throughout transit. The removal vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected as a precaution. The company is also proud of its employees, who are always committed and strive for efficiency and customer satisfaction in every project.

“The best moving experience we have ever had! Took excellent care of our belongings and couldn’t have been nicer to work with. Thank you Chris, Jessie, Dan and Donnie!” says RS, a satisfied customer. Their storage units in Mechanicsburg PA and other locations are designed to accommodate their customers’ temporary storage needs. The highly secured facilities are equipped for all types of cargo, special equipment and normal packages. Their Harrisburg PA area garbage pickup also caters to homeowners and renters who want to have their garbage removed after moving. What makes them the best is that they tailor their services to their clients’ needs and budget. Call Harrisburg Movers for a free estimate and no-obligation quote.

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About Keystone Moving and Junk Removal, LLC

Keystone Moving and Junk Removal, LLC provides moving services, garbage disposal and storage units in Mechanicsburg, PA along with other locations including Harrisburg, Camp Hill and throughout Central, PA and the surrounding area. They currently serve all 50 states in the country.



Keystone Moving & Junk Removal, LLC

Address: 207 W Maplewood Ave Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

Phone: 717-712-5094


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