Lance J. Robinson law firm specializing in providing legal services to tourists visiting New Orleans

Legal assistance from a renowned New Orleans criminal defense attorney for cases – public intoxication, simple battery charging, lewd behavior, criminal trespassing

That Law Firm of Lance J. Robinson is pleased to announce that they are now offering legal services to tourists visiting New Orleans who have been involved in a crime. As much as New Orleans is known for its boisterous partying, nightlife, and Mardi Gras, it’s also notorious for getting visitors and tourists into legal trouble. The worst thing that can happen to a tourist is not being able to find legal assistance. Lance J. Robinson’s law firm has the best criminal defense attorney in New Orleans. Anyone visiting this vibrant city and getting into legal trouble, especially in the French Quarter, New Orleans criminal defense attorney comes to immediate rescue.

Lance J. Robinson

It’s very easy to get into trouble in a place like NOLA. Lance J Robinson is the one Best Criminal Attorney in New Orleans who has the experience required on the case and provides the attention his clients deserve. Anyone who is accused of a criminal offense must appear in person at the administrative court. However, once you have decided to hire this company, you can rest assured that all of these performances can be done with or without the presence of clients, except in special scenarios where the client is charged with a criminal offense.

A full investigation will be conducted to find bugs that may adversely affect the case. The investigation will also help the New Orleans criminal defense attorney determine whether the client’s rights relating to probable cause, reasonable suspicion, illegal search and seizure have been violated. Whether it is a easy battery charging in New Orleans or other charges, the team here guarantees that their client’s rights are protected, and if the evidence suggests otherwise, the attorney will deal to the best of their ability.

The law firm of Lance J. Robinson strives to show deep respect for our clients as individuals. Each case is treated on a case-by-case basis as the Firm believes that each individual client has a different situation, background and priorities. In order to initiate aggressive criminal defense tactics for the felony, DWI defense, or misdemeanor, certain rules must be followed. While some of the defense strategies may be time sensitive and prove ineffective over time, the firm ensures that favorable evidence is identified in a timely manner. Lance Robinson has handled a wide variety of crime cases including drug related crimes, DUI, simple New Orleans battery charges, lewd behavior, criminal trespassing and more.

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About the law firm of Lance J. Robinson

Lance J. Robinson Law Firm is a law firm based in New Orleans, Louisiana. The firm specializes in cases involving public intoxication, disturbance of the peace, criminal trespassing, lewd behavior, criminal damage to property, simple battery, domestic violence battery, speeding/tickets, deletion and others.



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The Law Offices of Lance J. Robinson

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