Law firm Demerath has settled $50 million in personal injury lawsuits

The law firm of Demerath is pleased to announce that it has now settled $50 million in personal injury lawsuits, according to managing partner Larry Demerath.

The law firm of Demerath is pleased to announce that it has now settled $50 million in personal injury lawsuits, according to managing partner Larry Demerath. Demerath Law Office has practiced and defended the rights of clients in the Nebraska community for over 40 years.

The Demerath Law Firm specializes in personal injury or death from auto and truck accidents, catastrophic injuries and unjust death Expectations. The law firm Demerath fights hard for the rights of the client.

Larry Demerath founded the Demerath law firm in 1974 after graduating from Wayne State College in 1967, serving in the United States Air Force in Vietnam and finally graduating with a JD from the University of Nebraska College of Law in 1972.

Law firm Demerath – The right choice in truck accidents

Personal injury experts

Demerath Law Firm is proud to offer its clients the following highly specialized services:

A qualified team that can help with car accidents

car accidents are such a terrible event. They leave parents, siblings and other family members with the loss of a family member and sometimes mounting medical bills. Insurance companies are sometimes reluctant to pay, leaving families broke and suffering.

Nebraska law requires all parties to report the accident, depending on the extent of the financial loss or personal injury.

Victims or their families should always contact a traffic accident attorney as soon as possible for expert advice on the best course of action. Anyone injured in a car accident should contact the Demerath law firm. Larry and his team of dedicated staff will provide free counseling and recommend the best course of action to ensure victims and their families receive the justice they deserve.

The right choice for truck accidents in Nebraska

Demerath Law Office has experts Truck accident lawyers. Nebraska’s many freeways experience heavy truck traffic due to the delivery of consumer goods and agricultural produce.

Truck accidents can result from misjudgements, decisions such as speeding, loss of control, tailgating, road rage or sudden distraction. Tiredness, alcohol consumption or drugs can also lead to accidents resulting in death or serious injury.

In a matter of seconds, a truck driver’s mistake can result in a horrific car/truck accident and these types of tragedies are why it is imperative to hire an experienced truck accident attorney.

Catastrophic Injury Experts

The result is catastrophic injuries injuries such as debilitating injuries, lifelong disability, painful and prolonged recovery times, or even death. Catastrophic injuries often describe damage caused by the negligence or willful recklessness or negligence of another party.

A personal injury attorney is required to present evidence when an incident results in harm to another party. They can also help gauge the damage and injuries sustained. When filing a personal injury claim in the state of Nebraska, victims are entitled to reasonable monetary compensation, including compensation for medical expenses, loss of income, and pain and suffering.

In order to take appropriate action, victims should file claims without delay to ensure justice is served.

Top attorneys for wrongful death claims

Losing a family member is a frightening experience. The family, siblings, and spouse go through such suffering. Beyond the loss of a family member comes the loss of income and support. The Demerath Law Firm has wrongful death attorneys who will work to ease the financial pressure caused by this loss.

Survivors of accidents may have a wrongful death claim for the negligent or intentional act of another party. With the help of the law firm Demerath, clients can receive financial compensation for medical expenses incurred, consultation, funeral and other costs.

Wrongful death laws exist as protection against tragic events.

Demerath Law Office is a team you can trust

The Demerath Law Firm is an excellent choice to begin the process with a wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit. With 47 years of experience, Larry Demerath and his team of experts will guide you through the court process to make it as easy as possible.



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