LOTO Lift was named “Missouri’s Best” Boat Lift Company 2022 by Missouri Magazine

Manufacturers of industry leading boat lift designs for all types of boats and jet skis

LOTO Lift is pleased to announce that they have been named “Missouri’s Best” Boat Lift Company in 2022 by Missouri Magazine. LOTO Lift’s boat lifts on the Lake of the Ozarks exceed customer expectations year after year. Like all other boaters in the Ozarks, LOTO Lift employees love boating and want to make it better for others. This passion inspires them to solve the most common problems boaters face. The boat lifts featured here are designed to reduce the inconvenience of putting the boat in and out of the water each time it is used, placing it on the trailer, checking the hull and taking the boat home or to a storage unit transport.

LOTO Lift – boat lift company

LOTO Lift’s Missouri Lakes boat lifts are backed by award-winning design, impeccable engineering and impeccable construction. This is not the first time LOTO elevator has won these kinds of awards. They have served boaters for many years and have received rave reviews from industry experts for their designs and products. Their LT model is one such design that has proven time and time again to be the most robust heavy duty pneumatic boat lift available on the market today. Boats such as tritoons, pontoons and most other large boats benefit from LT boat lifts.

This leading brand always makes the best use of the current technology and constantly improves their designs based on the latest trends in the industry. For example, Firstmate remote controls installed in boat lifts make it easy for boaters to raise and lower their boats with just the push of a button. The rugged LT boat lifts for the Missouri Lakes are side-mount models perfect for heavy boats in rough waters. They are designed and constructed exclusively for floating docks.

The website provides detailed information on different types of boat lifts that are available locally as well as for other lakes such as Table Rock Lake, Truman Lake and other popular boating lakes in Missouri. They also use custom rotomoulded tanks made exclusively for boat lift applications. This means that the steel parts of the boat lift are kept out of the water, saving boaters a lot of money. LOTO Lift offers new and used Boat lifts for Missouri Lakes and docks based on the needs of their customers. Customers can also avail the service and repair for Lake of the Ozarks boat lifts.

To learn more, visit www.lotolift.com

About LOTO Lift boat lifts

LOTO Lift Boat Lifts are the makers of premier boat lifts, offering the finest product on the Lake of the Ozarks. They offer low maintenance boat lifts that are built and serviced on site and are available for both boats and jet skis. The current model features are LT models for rough water slides, flat models for shallow water slides, FM models for common boat slides, and single and double PWC models.



LOTO Lift boat lifts

Address: 4971 Old Route 5 Camdenton, MO 65020

Telephone: 573-873-6058

Website: https://lotolift.com/

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