Malyk Santiago, model and Instagram star, talks about mental health

Shares his ongoing struggle and stress around mental health awareness and self-care advice

Malyk Santiago, an American model and Instagram star, opens up about his ongoing mental health battle. The young model wants to share the importance of mental health awareness and self-care advice to win the battle against depression. Like anyone struggling or struggling with mental health, Malyk is afraid of how it could impact his professional and personal life. What’s even more dangerous are the bouts of episodes that come unannounced. But this artist has chosen to approach it in a very different way, avoiding medication, diagnosis, or therapy sessions.

Malik Santiago

There are very few people who accept that they face problems related to their mental health. And being able to accept and deal with self-awareness is a great start in itself. Malyk is undoubtedly one of them as he finds a cure through the inspiration of American singer and actress Selena Gomez, who also suffers from depression, panic attacks and anxiety. Only an artist can truly understand what another artist is going through. And Malyk admires how Gomez handles it with all her strength and willpower. “It is outstanding to see a human being so strong and powerful to go through these dark faces and still manage to make up for it and still live a peaceful life, this is someone who will save your life,” says Malyk.

The pandemic has certainly struck the wrong chords. Millions of people around the world have become victims of stress, anxiety and depression. Some have even succumbed to mental illness for various reasons. But one of the main reasons is definitely a lack of mental health awareness and self-care. No matter how insignificant the problem might be, it could feel like the greatest challenge or even sometimes an obstacle that keeps people from moving forward. Whether it’s career, finances or relationships, mental health is something everyone should keep an eye on.

Malik Santiago

Mental health is very serious and if ignored it is more dangerous than cholesterol or cancer. It’s important to be surrounded by people who are happy and can foster a vibrant environment. The best thing you can do during these trying times is to participate in activities that are fun, follow inspiring people, or have a daily routine. Self-care can be pursued in a number of ways, such as: B. Physical, emotional, psychological, professional, spiritual, social, environmental and financial. The ultimate goal is to declutter the mind and thereby reduce anxiety and stress. Malyk doesn’t think it’s easy, but with determination and a personal example, you can definitely beat any mental illness.

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Malik Santiago is an American Model, Internet Personality, Actor and Author from Los Angeles, CA. Even before he became popular as a model, Malyk became an Instagram sensation with thousands of followers and is still active. This young and talented model is active on various other social media platforms.



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