Announces Official Launch of New Directory of DUI Attorneys

The directory includes free and paid membership plans with limited-time offers is pleased to announce the official launch of a new directory for DUI attorneys. This directory was created to help people connect with the best DUI attorneys and law firms in the country. The directory contains free and paid membership plans for members. As part of the big launch, members can now take advantage of significant discounts on all paid memberships. A membership that would otherwise cost around $500-$800 per year is now only offered for $1-$7 per year. This offer is for a very limited time and as such all DUI attorneys and law firms are urged to take advantage of this offer as soon as possible. The directory connects attorneys with people facing a possible DUI conviction. And it also consists of a reliable network of successful legal representatives and renowned law firms in various federal states.

If you are looking for a company nearby, you only need a few clicks. You can search by name, company or keyword; or search by town, city or zip code. The directory fetches results of all nearby DUI attorneys in its database. This search makes it easy, saves time, and most importantly, connects people to lawyers who have been reviewed by others. Finding the perfect lawyer can take a lot of time. DUI convictions must be taken seriously, and good legal representation is always a good idea. This directory is an attempt to help people get faster results.

This platform works great for both parties. For DUI attorneys, this is a great platform to attract new clients. You can become a member and be listed for free. You could also choose to become a paying member and enjoy special benefits such as: B. to be listed on the first page of the search results. There are currently three plans available here. The Bronze plan, which is a free plan, is aimed at lawyers and law firms who want to try it out on this platform. You can sign up for free and still get leads and receive direct inquiries. The Silver plan at $50 per month, which comes with a discounted annual plan, is the cheapest plan to get direct DUI leads. This plan allows lawyers and law firms to promote their websites to potential clients while this platform sends the leads. The link to the law firm or attorney’s website will appear in the search results.

Finally, the $75 per month Gold plan, which is also discounted annually, is a premium plan with many benefits. Lawyers are categorized as Tier 1 in search results, listed in all categories, receive direct inquiries from clients and details such as website link, phone number and client reviews are also displayed on the search page. Individuals seeking DUI attorneys can use the site to search members by area of ​​focus or location. It is very easy to find a top quality DUI lawyer in seconds. Visitors can also compare members, quotes, ratings and the lawyer’s full profile before proceeding. This is a very handy way to find a professional, with lots of facts. Visitors can also contact lawyers directly using the details available on the website.

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