“Our investment portfolio for 2022 is robust and exciting.”

Biotechnology finance company Innexo is set for an active year with new investments on the horizon.

Innexo CEO David Jonathan Benouaich says his company is gearing up for an exciting and robust 2022. The company, which is heavily invested in the biotechnology industry, plans to expand in 2022. Innexo invests in the research and development of novel drugs and cell therapy to treat diseases and other conditions.

“In this world, people are always looking for a way to grow and make money, so investing in companies is very attractive. I’m very excited about the ongoing trend towards emerging startups in the biotech industry. This exciting process diverts funds from the high-tech industry to biotech and therefore positions it as an important business area. I think COVID-19 has done a lot to put the biotech industry in such a prioritized position,” Benouaich said.

David Jonathan Benouaich founded Innexo to provide financial support to R&D companies with a focus on developing disruptive technologies in the medical and healthcare industries, primarily related to stem cells and exosomes. Innthe acronym for Innovative Exosomes, provides these companies with the financial support to ensure their functionality and to plan and execute the research and commercial strategy needed to achieve their goals.

The company is based on a strategy of continuous growth, which Benouaich describes as a blessing. He encourages the startups he works with not to waste time and instead build a growth strategy. “Time is too precious and life is too short to hesitate to grow when something is successful. And vice versa, if something doesn’t work – keep going,” he explained.

Discussing the company’s plans for 2022, Benouaich says he has decided to focus on finding the most advanced and innovative startups dedicated to exosomes and stem cells and supporting them by providing the tools to support their raises the funds required for research.

When asked why Innexo was founded, Benouaich explained that he has always been very close to Israel’s biotech and healthcare industries. However, as he began to do more research on stem cells, how they affect cell regeneration in tissues and organs and how this has created a whole new vision for future healthcare and medical research, he realized the endless possibilities for the industry. When the exosome industry emerged, it gave scientists the boost they needed to achieve crucial scientific goals in this revolution.

David Jonathan Benouaich started his career as an emerging market analyst. Then he decided to combine technology with emerging markets to enable financial and social growth. He has successfully advised many agro-tech and infra-tech companies to enter and develop emerging and underdeveloped countries. Benouaich holds a master’s degree in finance.

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