Painters in New Orleans offering quality interior and exterior painting

Add value to homes with regular painting and refinishing of kitchen cabinets, front doors, decks, and railings

New Orleans House Painters, locally owned and operated, offers impeccable home painting services. Regular painting not only adds to the beauty, but also increases the value of the property. A high-quality exterior coat of paint serves as additional protection against natural influences, weather influences, dust, insects, pests and rot. It can also help avoid huge repair costs in the future. It also acts as a barrier to reduce moisture penetration, sun damage and other types of deterioration. New Orleans is a city that experiences cyclical changes in temperature and high humidity. This requires the exterior to be regularly inspected and maintained to improve shielding properties. Aside from regular painting, the architectural style could also be visually emphasized and its value increased over time.

House painter from New Orleans

House painter from New Orleans, an eco-friendly painting company, believes in meeting the highest quality standards with beautiful craftsmanship. They not only paint the houses, but bring them back to their former glory. They believe in restoring the city’s oldest history through their homes. With a distinct architectural style, New Orleans always attracts tourists from all over the world. Whether it’s the nightlife on Bourbon Street, or the bustling French Quarter, or the most awaited festival, Mardi Gras, this city never stops entertaining its tourists and residents. And that’s why this company takes the utmost care with every house they paint, doing their best to give the property a refreshed look after every coat of paint.

The company also prides itself on its team, ready to take on any challenge to provide premium craftsmanship. Their interior painting services are among the best around. General painting or decorative painting help their customers create a space they have always dreamed of. Living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, office spaces, or porches, they’re ready to take on any job with the same level of dedication, regardless of the size or budget of the job.

Their quality of exterior finish is second to none. They offer full-service interior and exterior painting, as well as staining, plaster repairs, light carpentry, and surface restoration. Wall and ceiling painting, front door painting, deck stains and painting, cabinet painting and hanging and removing wallpaper are also offered here. The best thing about the team here is that they complete the project on time and keep the place clean and tidy throughout the project. New Orleans House Painters takes this opportunity to share that 60% of their business comes from their past clients which means they are the number one choice when it comes to painting companies. Customers have nothing but positive reviews for all of their painting jobs, which impress with long-lasting results.

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About house painters in New Orleans

Based in New Orleans, LA, New Orleans House Painters offers quality interior and exterior painting services. They also offer refinishing services for kitchen cabinets, front doors, decks, railings and wallpaper services. You can count on New Orleans House Painters House painters in New Orleans.



House painter from New Orleans

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House painter from New Orleans


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