Power Pro Remediation is celebrating 20 years of service in New Orleans, LA

The expert for water damage restoration and mold restoration uses two decades of experience for the benefit of the residents

Power Pro Remediation, a renowned water damage restoration, and mold remediation expert is celebrating 15 years in the industry serving the residents of New Orleans, Louisiana.

That Mold remediation company in the parish of St Tammany was founded by Llyod Tournet who made it their mission to help friends and family in the area stay safe from water and mold damage. But when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, things got mixed up. The community needed help and Tournet rose to the challenge by taking their expertise to a broader level with their company.

I was keen to help my neighbors stay indoors without the risk of getting sick. Back then, there were almost no businesses on the North Shore, let alone mold remediation businesses. It started with wanting to help people and it grew from there,” Tournet tells the moving story of the company’s beginnings. Power Pro Remediation hasn’t looked back since and has grown stronger with each passing year.

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Today, the company holds a Mold Remediation License in LA and a Residential Builder License in LA, proving its credibility. But the company’s true strength lies in the trust placed in it by hundreds of homeowners in the community of St. Tammany and the surrounding area. That is the reason; Power Pro Remediation has grown to become the leading water damage remediation and mold remediation company in the region.

The experience accumulated over two decades enables Power Pro Remediation to carry out any mold remediation project safely and effectively. Additionally, the experts working with the company can help identify the source of moisture that is causing mold growth. In this way, the recurring problem can be tackled at the root and nipped in the bud. The solutions offered make the most of the latest science and technology for flawless results.

Power Pro Remediation also has solid construction experience, which is also crucial for these projects. That’s because it gives the company the flexibility and resources to offer turnkey solutions that include rebuilding. Once the water damage and mold remediation is complete, the trusted company can restore the property in no time. This saves homeowners in the area crucial time and the hassle of looking for another builder.

Waiting and allowing floods and leaking pipes to cause more damage to property is like gambling on people’s safety and lives. With timely and effective interventions and expertise, Power Pro Remediation has saved residents in New Orleans, LA from difficult situations. And now it’s celebrating 20 years of this reliable and amazing service that has saved the homes and lives of many in the area.

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Based in New Orleans, LA, Power Pro Remediation is a mold remediation and water damage remediation company with two decades of construction and water filtration experience that has helped hundreds of homeowners in the community of St. Tammany, Louisiana and the surrounding area stay safe.


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