Remington Medical Ltd. completes 35 years of offering world-class products and expertise

Featuring world-class rehabilitation materials and equipment that have helped Canadians heal faster.

Remington Medical has been in the medical device and service industries for over 40 years. Remington takes this opportunity to share that its extensive product portfolio, knowledge and organizational structure have made the company the leading provider of physical therapy and chiropractic equipment and accessories in Canada. Their partnership with North American and European brands combined with over 40 years of extensive knowledge and expertise is what helps Remington Medical Bring cutting-edge technology to thousands of clinics and doctors across the country. Remington Medical Equipment has a reputation as an industry leader.

Remington Medical is committed to continually updating and expanding its product portfolio and providing a trusted resource for healthcare facilities, clinics and businesses across Canada. In addition to high-quality chiropractic and physical therapy equipment and accessories, the company is known for its service and fast turnaround time. The company prides itself on a knowledgeable workforce who provide outstanding service and support, while equally committed to being the best ambassadors for Remington Medical. These are just a few reasons why Remington has become a personal favorite for hundreds of medical professionals across Canada.

Remington Medical Ltd.

Remington Medical connects its customers to a network of leading brands across disciplines such as orthopaedics, pediatrics, hand therapy, sports medicine, pelvic health and general rehabilitation. There are clinics in Canada that are still using equipment from the 1990’s provided by Remington which shows the resilience and quality of the product and service.

Remington Medical offers products in multiple categories including PPE & Infection Control, Storz Medical Shockwave, Modalities, Treatment Tables, Clinical Supplies, Fitness Strength & Cardio, Exercise Products, Assessment, CPM, Hand Therapy, Orthopedic Splints, Pelvic Health, Pediatrics and Personal Life & ADL. It’s not just the rehabilitation equipment and materials that the company offers. They also offer consulting services to practitioners planning to open a new clinic. The in-house sales force has decades of experience working with clinic owners and healthcare professionals from coast to coast. This experience helps them to help new clinics navigate the process and introduce them to world-class brands. This will open up your practice to different areas, which in turn will make it more unique and successful. Learn more about Remington Medical and view the product portfolio online.

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About Remington Medical Ltd.

Remington Medical Ltd. based in Ontario, Canada, has been providing quality medical products and services for over 40 years. It is now Canada’s premier source for physical therapy supplies and equipment, as well as physical equipment for chiropractic clinics across Canada. Over the years they have partnered with leading brands in the industry such as Storz Medical, Physiomed, Neufit, Handy Gym, Xavant, NeuroTrac, Kinesio, Orfit and Lojer.



Remington Medical Ltd.

Address: Ontario, Canada

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