Residential Building Certifiers

The process of building a new house can be stressful, confusing and draining on energy. A Residential Building Certifiers can help to understand the process and decrease the chance of issues.

These certifications evaluate various aspects of buildings including indoor environments as well as sustainable sites. They also consider the health of the occupants.


REScheck is an application that shows compliance to IECC requirements for residential structures. It is designed for single- and multi-family dwellings and permits window and insulation trade-off calculations. It also performs a heat loss calculation for exterior walls and doors. REScheck is free and available to anyone.

Some cities require the submission of a REScheck report at the time of submitting a plan to obtain an building permit. The city may require a home to be constructed “X percent above code” or higher.

Katahdin’s REScheck software allows for a simple and accurate calculation of compliance to IECC energy codes for both new construction and additions/alternations. It is accessible on a desktop computer and it also comes as a web-based application called REScheck-web that is accessible directly from the Internet without installing any software.


The National Green Building Standard (NGBS) is an independent third-party certification system that assists builders create homes that are highly efficient. It is a complete set of standards for new single-family or multifamily residential construction and renovations.

The green features builders incorporate into six categories are worth points: lot and site design, water conservation and energy efficiency, resource conservation, and indoor environmental quality. They must also meet a minimum number of points in order to advance from bronze to gold, silver or the emerald.

To validate a home, an accredited NGBS Verifier inspects it to make sure that green features are installed correctly. Verifiers are independent of the builder and are supervised by Home Innovation Research Labs. They work with the project team from the design phase through final and rough inspections to verify conformity with the standards set by the NGBS points.


BREEAM is a green building certification system that has earned worldwide recognition. It is based on a number criteria, including ecological efficiency and sustainability, health and well-being, transportation, materials, and waste. BREEAM tests are conducted in the design phase and after construction. A final rating and certificate are presented. BREEAM is used by many notable clients, such as Toyota which has built its own green retail centers using the system.

Acquiring an BREEAM certification can help save money and increase the value of an building. It also enhances the image of a company or developer, which could result in a higher demand for their services and products. It also aids in attracting tenants who are concerned about environmental issues.


Beam is a kind of structure that assists in supporting the weight of a structure over the top. It can be categorized into several types, including over-hanging, fixed beams, and trussed beams. Each has its own advantages. There are various cross-sectional steel beam shapes.

Beam is able to move through solid objects and matter. This allows him to swiftly move around areas and buildings to scout or attack. Beam can also detect the presence of other devils and interact with them in combat and missions.

Beam uses a blend of two privacy-oriented blockchain protocols, MimbleWimble and Lelantus. All transactions are confidential and no information is stored about the parties involved. This ensures a high degree of transaction and value storage security without compromising the blockchain’s functionality.


LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) A rating system, LEED encourages sustainable design. The system assesses the building based according to a variety of criteria, including water conservation and the use of low-emitting materials, and the use of solar panels. The system also includes requirements for indoor environmental quality and use of natural lighting. A building can receive a rating of Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum.

Getting LEED certified demonstrates to your peers and customers that you are committed to sustainable construction, building and design seriously. It can also improve the value of your business and increase its marketability. It can also help you attract quality investors. It can also assist you to attract new employees and reduce the operating expenses.

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