Scott Latham Digital announces the launch of its Small Business Website Guide

The How To Build A Small Business Website guide is the work of renowned graphic artist Scott Latham. A simple guide to designing and building small business websites for the average business owner.

Scott Latham, the owner of Scott Latham Digital, one of the most recognized names in graphic design and website design, recently announced the release of his highly anticipated guide. The guide called “How to create a business website‘ is designed to help ordinary people get a business website up and running with the least amount of effort. The web design guru has said that the guide tries to avoid using technical terms and it’s like “Your best friend tells a story.” The guide is currently broken down into six easy-to-understand lessons.

In the digital age, everyone needs a website. However, many companies still don’t have one, and one of the reasons for this is the often assumed high barrier to entry. It is assumed that a person needs a high level of technical expertise to set up a website, although this is not the case. Additionally, most businesses don’t need to spend a fortune to have a website designed and hosted. Scott Latham’s guide proves that given the time and patience, almost anyone can set up a business website, and it doesn’t cost much either.

Readers can learn more about and sign up for the web building guide at Scott Latham Digital’s official website

Statistics show that companies without a digital presence are left behind, regardless of the industry. A website is considered the most basic digital presence, which luckily is becoming increasingly easy and affordable to set up for everyone.

“Over the years I have worked with hundreds of clients, designing and setting up their company’s digital presence. I’ve also worked with people who have invested in personal branding. One thing I’ve noticed is that, on average, companies with a professional website perform significantly better than those without, and this observation is independent of the industry. For this reason, more and more small businesses and startups should either set up their own business website when they have the time, or hire a professional to do it. Definitely worth investing the time and effort.” Said Scott Latham, author of How to Build a Small Business Website.

Scott Latham Digital
Scott Latham Digital

He added, “After seeing so many people not having a website because they thought it would cost them a lot of money, I decided to put this guide together. I’ve made the guide as simple as possible so that anyone can use it, regardless of their skill level or education. I’ve helped many people set up websites and I hope this guide will be helpful to them.”

Readers can enroll in the course by visiting Scott Latham Digital‘s official website.

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Scott Latham Digital is a UK based graphic design company specializing in designing websites for businesses of all sizes. The company has designed dozens of websites over the years and advised hundreds of clients from all over the world. Scott Latham uses his years of experience to help companies make the right decisions to get the most out of their websites. As a digital marketing expert, Scott also helps businesses build successful digital marketing and SEO campaigns for products and services.



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