SEQ Snake Catchers in Brisbane is warning residents that 2021 will be an active year for snakes

Call the professional snake catchers when you spot a snake for safe reptile translocation

10 June 2021 – Brisbane-based SEQ Snake Catchers are warning residents that this could be an active year for snakes. Those who discover a snake in their yard or property must call a professional snake catcher to effectively and safely rescue the reptiles and return them to their habitats. SEQ has been providing snake catching services in all types of real estate, residential and commercial, for over 10 years. A snake can be found in a garage, house, yard, pool, warehouses, construction site, garbage heap, or any other place. Local snake catchers here explain why this is the best time of year to see snakes in and around Brisbane.

The first and most important reason is that snakes have become accustomed to accessing simple food in the form of rodents, which are the most common in households. The second reason is that the properties could be in close proximity to the natural habitats of these reptiles. With the increased population, more and more people are moving to the suburbs for better living conditions. And in doing so, they get one step closer to the wilderness and things to come. The other main reasons are mating pressure, land clearance and development, and access to shelter. That Snake Catcher in Brisbane suggests keeping the premises clean at all times to avoid rodent infestation. If there is no food for the snakes, the likelihood that they will come out in search of food is small.

SEQ Snake Catcher

That snake catching service Providers at SEQ are available 24/7 a week and 365 days a week. All staff are licensed to remove and relocate protected animals under the Conservation Act 2006. SEQ Snake Catchers also offers full transparency regarding the fees and no hidden costs. They charge a flat fee of $110 for each queue, any time of the day. Those who have sighted a snake or other reptile can call 0476-288-931 and those who have been bitten must call 000 immediately for immediate assistance. Brisbane snake catchers are urging individuals to keep an eye on the snake and keep a safe distance if they spot one.

Snakes are very agile and can find a safe hiding place in a matter of seconds, and these spots are often difficult to access. It is advisable not to disturb the queue until the team arrives. Snakes are beautiful creatures and they deserve to live like every other wild animal on the planet. That local snake catchers Urge citizens not to harm the snake or kill it if it poses no threat. Australia tops the list when it comes to harboring the five largest venomous land snakes on earth – inland taipan, eastern brown snake, coastal taipan, black tiger snake and the mainland tiger snake. Residents should remain vigilant and keep their premises clean to avoid attracting these snakes. And they must contact SEQ Snake Catchers immediately if they spot one.

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Based in South East Queensland, Australia, SEQ Snake Catchers is a family run business offering fast, affordable and reliable reptile moving services. They are fully licensed and insured to provide services in both commercial and residential properties. SEQ offers reptile removal and translocation services in Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, Redlands and Gold Coast.



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SEQ Snake Catcher

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