SolarShare provides guidance on the transition to solar energy in Ireland

Provides valuable insight into solar panel installation and benefits

June 9, 2021 – Dublin, Ireland: SolarShare, the renowned name in the renewable energy world, has simplified installation for the people of Ireland solar panels and transition to solar energy by providing crucial insights into the key issues to consider in the transition.

While renewable energy and awareness are relatively new, SolarShare has spearheaded the movement in Ireland. The team has years of experience and is able to offer customers the most suitable solutions. In fact, it aims to support communities and individuals in the country in the transition to a more sustainable, zero-carbon life.

installation of Solar panels in Ireland was supported by a government grant. The SEAI Solar PV Grant offers up to €3000 in grants for installing solar panels. This Irish Government grant would help people offset the cost of installing a solar panel system on their journey to sustainable living. SolarShare wants people in the country to know they can claim the grant until July 2021.


The funding is scheduled to expire in July 2021. It will be replaced by a subsidy program for microgenerations. SolarShare highlights the scheme driven by the EU directive and tells us it will encourage greater uptake of low-carbon electricity generation by home and business owners in Ireland. By their own Solar panels PV People are encouraged to generate renewable energy on a small scale.

SolarShare also explains that this micro-generation of electricity is up to 11 kilowatts. To generate this magnitude of electricity, people would need a large solar panel PV array of around 30. That would mean they would be able to generate excess energy that could be used to their advantage. Because as part of the program, people can sell their excess energy at a fair price.

SolarShare experts recommend claiming the SEAI Solar PV Grant before the July deadline. It is ensured that they have recovered at least part of the cost of installing solar panels in their residential or commercial buildings. Even after the scholarship has expired, they have a win-win situation thanks to the new regulation.

With a PV panel already installed, you can generate electricity for your own consumption. It will save them money on energy bills and further offset installation costs. In addition, they can also sell the excess energy back to the national grid for use by other households and businesses. SolarShare estimates that this would result in savings of 400 to 1400 euros per year.

The time to make the switch to solar is clearly now, and SolarShare is guiding people through it.

About SolarShare Limited

SolarShare Limited, with a combined experience of decades, the team at SolarShare is dedicated to helping Irish families achieve their goal of carbon free living. It has already built a strong portfolio of ground mounted and rooftop solar solutions making it a leading renewable energy company in Ireland.


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