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Study Abroad EdTech Makes Studying a Breeze University Place Platform Udrus Goes Online and Announces Successful Pre-Seed Funding and App Launch in October Frankfurt-based EdTech startup Udrus, led by CEO and Founder Fahed Jaarah, goes online today .

The company also announces the closing of its undisclosed pre-seed financing with a valuation of EUR 10 million. The Udrus app will be available for download in October via the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. Every year, millions of young people face the difficult question of which course at which university is best for them.

With thousands of universities and hundreds of thousands of degree programs around the world, choosing is extremely difficult.

The site currently features universities from Australia, Canada, Germany, the UK and the US, with many more to be added in the coming months. UDRUS allows students to discover from different parts of the world study programs abroad. The pre-selection is already done through this portal. Students don’t have to spend time searching and shortlisting the best institutes.

The hard work has already been done and all the students have to do is choose a dream institution in a dream destination. This is a great platform that brings together both students and educational institutions. While students can explore world-class universities, universities, on the other hand, can enhance their international exposure.

UDRUS – study abroad

Universities don’t find it easy to target the best prospective students either, especially if they are internationally oriented. Udrus solves the problem. “Today we are very excited to make our platform available to all prospective students and we are confident that it will help us to quickly become the market leader in student placement, powered by AI, we personalize the learning outcome for each student and focus on the well-being and adaptation of the soft skills of the individual, with the aim of realizing the potential of the student, so that our platform can match the student to the right institution,” said CEO Fahed Jaarah.

Udrus offers international prospective students a platform with detailed information about universities and their courses. They can be researched and Udrus will advise you on study decisions and application procedures if desired. If you like, you can apply to a university via Udrus. The platform enables universities to get in direct contact with ambitious prospective students. Udrus is thus revolutionizing the market for the allocation of international study places. The focus is initially on offering young people in the Middle East European study opportunities. However, very quickly, Udrus will add India and Pakistan and eventually expand to a global offering.

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UDRUS is an online resource center designed to help international students access and apply easily to the best universities around the world. Students can also discover hundreds of programs that allow them to find a career path at one of the top universities.



UDRUS – study abroad

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UDRUS - study abroad

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