The Fast Fire Watch Co. stands ready to help businesses reopen as Covid restrictions ease

Helps businesses across the US stay safe when their fire detection and fire protection systems are not working properly.

As Covid restrictions ease and things open up, the Fast Fire Watch Co. stands ready to provide fast support to businesses across the country that need to make safety and fire safety their top priority.

For property owners and businesses looking to reopen after months of closure or limited operations, ensuring their building’s fire detection systems and/or water-based fire protection systems are working properly should be a top priority. When their systems aren’t working, they are required by the NFPA and local ordinances to hire professional firefighting services until their systems can be made to code. When a business or property owner finds themselves in this scenario, The Fast Fire Watch Company is available 24/7 to provide fast assistance.

Fast Fire Watch Co. has quickly become the highest rated fire protection service in the country. Run by retired firefighters, the company is uniquely qualified to understand all compliance standards and provide top-notch security for businesses to open without problems or delays. They offer long term and temporary onsite security for fire safety services and their services are available immediately to help you reopen once Covid restrictions are lifted.

The company has conducted more than 10,000 guard patrols across the country with professionalism and quality. They provide fire safety officers for: commercial spaces, events, construction sites, pharmacies and hot work. When a business needs to safely reopen, its fully licensed professionals are guaranteed to be NFPA and OSHA compliant, giving customers peace of mind. Additionally, they are trained and knowledgeable to maintain proper safety logs and patrol the area in accordance with local ordinances, making them fully Fire Marshall compliant. Their timely and professional actions have saved their customers from hefty fines and delays in opening.

Property owner wanted Fire station security personnel for their business premises or events do not need to look beyond the company’s services. You can be reached 24/7 and assured of the best advice from friendly dispatchers working with the company. You will also receive a free estimate for the specific services required, ensuring transparency and accountability from the start.

The Fast Fire Watch Co. is known for providing the best solutions for construction sites, pharmacies, events, hot work and more. The specialists working for the company are not only well trained, they also arrive at the site fully equipped. This enables them to tackle critical tasks from the moment they set foot on the job site. It can largely minimize the impact of the existing problem.

No problem is too small or too big for Fire Watch Security Guards working with the company. They can handle all problems and unexpected failures of fire detection systems, including alarms, sprinklers and pumps, with equal efficiency. In addition, they are trained to deal calmly with any emergency situation. They can go about their work effectively without affecting the functioning of the companies.

The Fast Fire Watch Co. also offers their top quality services at affordable prices. Because of this, it has become the hallmark of reliable fire watch services that are fast, affordable, and available across the country.

About The Fast Fire Watch Co.

The company, run by retired firefighters, has built a reputation for providing timely, effective service to facilities across the United States at affordable prices.


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