The Insurance Navy’s response to upcoming changes in electronic auto insurance testing

The IL Secretary of State announced that on July 1, 2021, changes will be made to Illinois’ Electronic Vehicle Insurance Verification System (ILIVS).

New changes are coming to Illinois’ Electronic Vehicle Insurance Verification System (ILIVS) on July 1, 2021, the Secretary of State announced. Insurance companies are now required to work with the Department of Motor Vehicles along with vehicle owners to ensure that every driver on an Illinois road has the minimum state-required liability insurance.

“My office has led efforts to set up and implement an online auto insurance verification system that will serve to reduce the number of uninsured drivers in Illinois. The message is simple; If you don’t have auto insurance, join now. It’s the law,” Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White said.

The ILIVS will begin mailing electronic acknowledgments to vehicle owners in Illinois twice a year at any time. Drivers and their insurance companies, but most often the insurers, work with the DMV to provide evidence that the driver has the required minimum liability insurance. Driving without auto insurance can result in vehicle registration and license plate suspension, as well as a $100 reinstatement fee. This is the case when the vehicle owner cannot provide proof of insurance.

As insurance companies are now working hand in hand with ILIVS, they are taking many steps to ensure that no driver is left uninsured. Insurance Navy is one of the insurers that provide quotes, advice and low-cost policies for vehicle owners who want to get mandatory auto insurance. Not only that, Insurance Navy takes care of all the hassle of hanging license plates and vehicle registrations.

The fastest growing insurance brokers in Illinois are offering $39 a month for basic coverage. Uninsured drivers looking for liability insurance can now get it at a sticker price that fits their budget.

“Compliance with the law shouldn’t be expensive,” says Fadi Sneineh, CEO of the Insurance Navy.

In addition, Insurance Navy will introduce a new free counseling service for drivers who want to regain a suspended driver’s license because they are not driving with insurance. Obtaining auto insurance is the most important step in restoring a license. However, finding the right policy to avoid something like a disk lock can be difficult. Insurance Navy works with trusted companies and conducts all comparisons in their signature free quote service.

“The goal is and always has been to make everything easier for vehicle owners. With the free advisory service, cost estimates and low-cost basic insurance, we can also make it easier for blocked drivers to get back on the road,” said Sneineh.

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