Vitola Fine Cigars launches new website to expand online sales

Aiming to be the best place to buy cigars online

VITOLA FINE CIGARS is pleased to announce the launch of a new website to expand its online fine cigar offering. Their Cigars and More brand is already quite popular in Alabama, with five successful retail stores catering to their customers’ cigar needs.

On their website they feature a wide range of premium brands in cigars and accessories; and are a Davidoff appointed full line, Padron Anniversary and Liga Privada dealer. The company prides itself on the finest cigar selection and lounge at its newly opened shop and full bar in Tuscaloosa. For those who prefer to visit the physical store, Vitola Fine Cigars invites you to do much more than just visit and make a purchase. Each individual shop is outfitted to provide a perfect retreat to stop by and enjoy the cigar lounges. The friendly and knowledgeable staff is always ready to assist customers in choosing the perfect cigar.

This commitment to personalized customer service extends to the newly launched website, which aims to serve the cigar needs of customers from across the United States. The store offers top-selling brands including:

For those who want to experience a good cigar and the ultimate satisfaction that comes with it, this is where you need to start Vitola fine cigars. What makes a regular cigar a premium cigar is that it is made from long filler tobacco and is wrapped in an authentic whole leaf tobacco with no filter and a binder made from 100% tobacco leaves. A perfect cigar consists of quality, brand, flavor and size. At Vitola Fine Cigars, customers will always find the perfect cigar they have been looking for. The retail stores also organize Cigar 101 courses where participants learn how to pair their cigars with spirits, how to choose a cigar for their personal taste, etc.

Choosing the right cigar

Quality and brand name awareness are two of the crucial factors people think about when choosing a cigar. The experts here suggest that beginners explore the strains until they develop a flavor profile they like for cigars and their nuances, finding which ones they like the most along the way. Depending on the country of origin, tastes and styles are constantly changing due to local soil and growing techniques. The shop offers cigars of various sizes and shapes. While figurados have irregular shapes, parejos are straight. As a beginner there is a lot to learn about cigars, so the team at Vitola Fine Cigars has already started posting useful and informative content that you can check out on their blog. When you visit, remember that the site also stocks quality accessories such as lighters, cutters, humidors and more.

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About Vitola Fine Cigars

Vitola fine cigars is a store that offers premium cigars and accessories. With five successful stores in Birmingham, Trussville, Mountain Brook, Hoover and Tuscaloosa in Alabama, the store is now launching a new website to boost online sales.



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