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Watch Your Buck is pleased to announce the launch of a new financial news website bringing the latest updates from the world of finance. The site offers industry-leading articles by conducting in-depth research from reliable and trustworthy sources. The site is now updated with the latest posts for startups like that The best free tools to get the most out of startup. The article begins with the author talking about the research conducted by Shopify.

According to the study, the average cost of starting a business ranges from $18,000 to $60,000 in the first year, depending on the niche. Most small businesses don’t make it into the next fiscal year because of cash constraints. They would have used up the capital for incorporation, procurement and other operating expenses. Thanks to technology, small business owners can use tools to minimize their business expenses right from the start. This article is about free tools to help the startup grow and scale.

The next article is about Investing in IPOs and whether it’s worth it or risky. IPOs bring huge cash inflows from investors of all types, each with their own lucrative agenda. The author talks about how best to invest in new stock offerings and whether investors should do so at all. The post also includes a growth chart depicting the S&P 500 Index during Covid-19. And according to the research conducted, investing in Renaissance IPO index fund is definitely the best move for investors and a profitable one at that.

The other interesting post is about how to earn passive income with crypto assets. Many traditional investors have yet to be educated about cryptocurrencies. Many still see cryptos as alternative payment methods used to transfer money. However, recent updates in blockchain technology make cryptos the most versatile payment option and offer investors an amazing opportunity to generate passive income. Thanks to the latest updates, cryptocurrencies have established themselves as the most reliable and safest investment options. The author talks about different ways to earn interest in crypto assets like staking, DeFi yield farming and crypto lending.

Earning passive income from crypto assets also has tax implications. The post contains detailed information that also covers the tax aspect. All articles published here are from real sources in the financial world. The industry-leading articles help new investors gain a better understanding of the industry, while seasoned investors can catch up on the latest news and updates to strengthen their portfolios. aims to become the leading source for financial news from the world of cryptocurrency, payment apps, credit and debit cards, investing and savings and more. The lead authors here have over 200 years of experience. The team consists of experienced economists, finance graduates and investors who have achieved great success with the markets.

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