Why It Is Important To Have An Asbestos Inspection

Building construction materials containing asbestos aren’t safe and pose significant health risks. Broken or damaged asbestos materials can release microscopic fibres in the air, causing serious health conditions such as lung cancer or mesothelioma.

From 1940 until the middle of the 1980s, asbestos was extensively used as an building material in Australia. This includes roof coverings, insulation for walls fittings, pipes floor covers, and other products like Acoustic tile. When these materials are damaged or disturbed, they can break down and release tiny fibres into the air. The tiny fibres may be breathed in by humans, and inhaled, causing serious health problems.

Asbestos Inspection Brisbane is a must if you plan to build, renovate or purchase an old property. This is particularly important in the event of construction or demolition work on the property which could cause damage to the contaminated materials.

An Asbestos Inspection involves an extensive inspection of a property to determine any suspicious Asbestos material and provide samples to be tested at a NATA accredited laboratory. Our Asbestos inspectors will have to undertake invasive procedures to collect samples of suspected Asbestos material and to inspect the entire property including the sub-floors as well as crawl spaces. These areas are often overlooked by builders, however they are crucial areas for moisture to accumulate which encourages fungal decay as well as timber pests.

Our Asbestos Testing team will then conduct a thorough analysis of the samples in order to determine their Asbestos content and whether they present any risk to human health. This is done according to Australian Work Health and Safety Regulations.

The report will provide the owner of the property with the information needed to make a decision on any future work that could be planned for the property. It will also aid in the preparation of an Asbestos Management Plan if required by the current WH&S legislation. The management of ACM is a continuous process and the management plan should be required to be reviewed at minimum every five years.

Our parent company IMC Constructions Pty Ltd are licensed B Class Asbestos Removers and can be hired to complete the complete safe removal of all forms of asbestos from construction and other sites. The need for an Asbestos inspection conducted prior to any planned works on the property will help reduce the risk and allow our team to suggest the best method for complete removal of all forms of Asbestos from your newly constructed or renovated home. This will save you money by reducing the costs of removing non-asbestos material. Contact us today to schedule your Asbestos inspection in Brisbane. We can bundle this service with a Healthy House and Building Construction audit to make it more cost-effective.

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